Quite Possibly The Biggest Blog Sale You've Ever Seen!!!!

I'm thinning the herd; there's a little bit of everything for everyone in this sale - lots of indies including some htf's, older and htf mainstream polishes, vintage polishes, stamping supplies, base and treatments...you name it, I think this sale covers it!!  I'm a long time fanatic who has collected more than I've wore and am starting to downsize so it's time to let someone else enjoy these pretties!  I still have more to add and will be updating occasionally but what is left is moreso more mainstreams and vintage..for now!  I have wayyyy more polishes than listed here with respect to indies that I may be willing to part with; if you are looking for something in particular, please let me know as I might be willing to part with it.  For example, I have most of the ABI's but have only listed a few; I might be willing to part with others.  The worst I can say is sorry, I don't have it or sorry, I can't part with it...yet!

All polishes and other items are brand new unless obvious in pix or noted otherwise; however, there may be some evaparation in some of the polishes.  If I have a box, I tried to take a pix of it and have noted it.  99% of the polishes have never been opened and never even swatched but might need a good mix; they have been stored in my basement in cool conditions and out of direct sunlight. Pet and smoke free home (I did own a pet when some of these were bought but my dog did not do his nails nor was he in my polish room; there'd be more of a chance that you will see dust or human hair on any of these versus any pet hair!)  However, I will be reusing bubble wrap and boxes when possible and don't know their origin....but as the odour of smoke is unappealing to me, I would almost guarantee that if I received a package that had any smoke odour, it has already left my house!  Anyone who follows my blog knows I don't edit pictures and rarely crop so sorry for any back ground nonsense; you might see the hubs in a picture or two and some reflection etc etc!

If you want a better picture or description, please let me know!

Pricing is in USD; shipping is $3 for first polish; $0.50 second for USA addresses with tracking; if you want increased insurance, it is your cost and needs to be prearranged as I will not be responsible for the polishes once they leave my hands.   Please contact me for postage mailing for Canada and international.  Shipping will occur in the USA by Saturday, November 26th update:  done!. I don't mind shipping international if you are willing to pay for shipping; email me for quote. Paypal only; gift option is preferred, otherwise pp fees apply. If you want an invoice, please ask.   There are no holds and unfortunately, I'm not interested in swapping at this time.  I've taken the pix with a local newspaper, currently dated to show that I have these polishes in my possession.  I have always done more buying than sales in NNR but have done a few sales recently and the gals I sold to were good enough to leave feedback; I've been in the nail community for many years (Tamara Rex/T.I. Rex on FB, Canadian Nail Fanatic is my blog and mrsrexy in Makeup Alley; I have 100% swap tokens.  I also have profile on ebay with 100% positive under mrsrexy). Sorry to be so wordy but I'm trying to disclose as much as possible to make for a smooth transaction for both of us!  Shipping information does not pertain to stamping related items and larger items such as SV or Zoya Restore; please message me for pricing. Sales are final.

Please message me at mrsrexy@gmail.com if interested in anything.  I will respond in order of messages received.  Thank you for checking out my blog sale! Edit:  Mailing November 18, 2017.  Please pay promptly as no holds; I lost too many sales last fall holding polishes people didn't pay for!   Edit 24/11/2016 at 1:33 - there are too many people not paying; I cannot hold as not fair to others who are waiting...I'm trying to be reasonable and not tick anyone off but its not fair to those who are willing waiting and willing to pay now!  Please pay promptly or risk out on your item...I'm moving on the next people if you haven't paid and I gave you a total already!   Thanks for understanding!  Edit Nov 26 2016:  All packages mailed but one to Germany which is going tomorrow.  Sale has been edited to reflect those sold and is current; if you haven't paid, pending has been removed unless we've talked about it.  Lots left; will be shipping from US Dec 3 2016.  Edit Dec 8:  Last mailing was done from Canada; have pix and postage receipt of all orders mailed.  There are not enough orders to drive to US to mail at this time.  

Enchanted:  Sour Patch Kid - $85
Enchanted Green Goblin - $55-pendsold
Enchanted Dexter - $55-sold
Enchanted Tenderheart with box - $15
Enchanted Dream On with box - $25
Enchanted Bonjour Paris with box - $15
Enchanted Hey Jude - $25
Enchanted Mirror Mirror $200
Enchanted Pumpkin Gutz - $55-pendsold
Enchanted Hot Glam Girl - $240
Enchanted Secret Sauce - $40-pendingsold
Enchanted Finger Lickin Good - $55-pendsold
Enchanted Daydream Surprise no box - $25-pendsold

Nerd Lacquer Batcave; Harlow Exc - $50
Nerd Lacquer Han Shot First - Harlow Exc - $50
Nerd Lacquer Scully - Harlow Exc - $50
RBL Aqua Lily with box - $50
Chanel Taboo with box - $55

Clarins 230 - $70 (on ebay for $99-$157!) sold
Max Factor Fantasy Fire (good version) - $20 - pendingsold
Max Factor Fantasy Fire (good version)- $20 - pending sold
BeYu 209 (good version) - $20-pendingsold
SH Pacific Blue original - $20
SH Pacific Blue original - $20
Nubar Peacock Feathers - $50
Orly Pixie Dust - $15

BYS Wonderland Collection; Through the Looking Glass/Down The Rabbit Hole/Adventures of Alice - $30; link to items
Illamasqua Boosh 3x mainly but fill line just at shoulder - $12
FNUG Psychedelic - $13sold
FNUG Fantastica - $13
FNUG Futuristica - $13

Color Club Holos; $9 each
Harp on It
Angel Kiss
Blue Heaven
Cloud Nine
Cosmic Fate
Eternal Beauty
Over The Moon
Over The Moon (mislabeled as Miss Bliss)
Beyond (no label)
Miss Bliss

Orly Birds of a Feather set; Fowl Play, Beachy Parrot, Sea Gurl - $10
Orly Birds of a Feather set; Fowl Play, Beachy Parrot, Sea Gurl - $10

CND The Look Fall 2011 set with 24K Sparkle, Midnight Sapphire and Amethyst - $15
Mari Moon Hits Unique - $5 - pendingsold
Mari Moon Hits Modern - $5 - pending
Maybelline Mirror Magic still in package and can't confirm quality of mirror! - $5

OPI Absolutely Alice - $25 - sells on ebay for $30-$59!)
OPI Absolutely Alice - $25
OPI Absolutely Alice - $25
OPI Absolutely Alice - $25
OPI Absolutely Alice - $25
OPI Glacier Bay Blues - $15
OPI Visions of Sugarplum - $20
OPI Taylor Blue $10 -pending
OPI Taylor Blue $10
OPI Pink Me I'm Good (BNNU but evap) - $30
OPI Pink Me I'm Good (BNNU but evap) - $30

Dare 2 Wear/China Glaze colour changing polishes; vintage; can't confirm colour changes!  $3 each
Mocha 2 Lavender
Tropical Kiwi 2 Metallic Green
Night Luster 2 Flue Flakies
Mocha Mix 2 Solar Coin
Boysenberry 2 Grey
Ice Latte 2 Iridescent Green
Ashy Gold 2 24K Gold
Green 2 Gold Opal'
China Glaze In the Mood - no names so have ID's them as:
Burnt Orange-pending
Mood Color Hidden Violet to Blue Jazz

Nails Inc Special Effects; $10 each
- Wyndham
- Old Vic
- Donmar

China Glaze Awakening; Mummy May I/zombie Zest/Ick-A-Body plus tc; $40 (selling for $52 on ebay)-pendingsold
Not pictured but I found two more Zombie Zest - $25 each, and two more Ick-A-Body - $10 each; highligher on bottom of label but BNNU
Sonia Kashuk set of 3 - $4
Color Zone set of 3; black, orange and silver/black glitter - $4

Rococo Gold Leaf - $25
Chanel Illusion D'or with box - $40
Chanel Paradoxel with box - $20 
Nars Zulu with box - $7
Nars Orgasm with box - $7
Nars Purple Rain with box - $7
lilacquer schrodinger's catastrophe $7
lilacquer blueberry pi - $7
lilacquer antimatter of opinion - $7

MAC Bad Fairy - $12 - pending sold
MAC Bad Fairy - $12-pendingsold
MAC Bad Fairy - $12sold
MAC Unconditionally Fabulous - $12
MAC Blue India - $30 (one on ebay for $62)
Make up store SIW - $12
Make up store Greta - $12
Make up store Madeleine $12
Make up store Britta $12

OPI Tattoo Ta-Boo $5
Color Club Bewitching - with stickers $5
Color Club Bewitching - without stickers $4

China Glaze Jumpin Jupiter $10- pendingsold
China Glaze Jumpin Jupiter $10-pending
China Glaze Jumpin Jupiter $10-pending
China Glaze Sunburst $10-pendingsold
China Glaze Aurora Borealis $10-pendingsold
Revlon StreetW ear FX Flash Blue $12 - 1x-pendingsold
Revlon Street Wear FX Flash Green $30
Revlon Street Wear Groovy $10-
China Glaze Channelesque $10-pending
Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea - $5 - link
Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea - $5

Smitten (Dreamland) Bananaberry Gumdrop $8
Smitten (Dreamland) Beautyberry Gumdrop $8
Smitten (Dreamland) Gooseberry Gumdrop $8 - pendingsold
Smitten (Dreamland) Snowberry Gumdrop $8
Smitten (Dreamland) Snozzberry Gumdrop $8 - pendingsold
Smitten (Dreamland) Who Steals A Dead Women's Shoes?? $8
Smitten (Dreamland) Winter is Coming $8
Sinful Prosecco $3-pendingsold
Chaoes & Crocs Party Games $8
Nail Pattern Boldness Don't Drop that Spoon $6
Echoes Polish Gloomy Glow Worm (thermal; can't confirm it works) $6

Crowstoes; $8 each
Whoopee Cushion ABI Apr 2015
no named glitter-pending
no named glitter/missing label-orange/blue glitter-pending
Overtime til Springtime ABI Jan 2015
I Make the Path
Even Sugar Melts in the Devils Mouth ABI Feb 2015
That Boy is a P-I-G Pig
Bone Daddy
Jingle Balls

Girly Bits I Like Big Buns ABI May 2015 $8
Girly Bits Ornamental My Dear Watson $6
Girly Bits Hippity Hop $6
Girly Bits Eight Crazy Nights $6
Girly Bits Bawitdaba $6
Girly Bits Wet Bikini 1x $5
KBShimmer Bejeweled $6
KBShimmer Honeydew List $5
Darling Diva You'll Shoot Your Eye Out $5
Darling Diva Rupaulogize 1x $5
Elevation Streetside NYC $4
Elevation Ginza $4
Elevation Rose Cardamon Choc Truffles ABI Feb 2015 $5

Barry M Gelly Blueberry $7-pending
Barry M Gelly Watermelon $7-pending
Barry M Gelly Grapefruit $7-pending
Barry M Gelly Satsuma $7-pending
Barry M Gelly Blood Orange $7-pending
Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter $5
Barry M Lavendar $5-pendingssold
Barry M NP210 $5
Barry M Hologram $5
Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter $5

OPI DS Original unopened in box $45
OPI DS Shimmer unopened in box $40
OPI DS Glamour $55 - sold
OPI DS Original $40
OPI DS Coronation $8
OPI DS Glow $8
OPI DS Mystery $8
OPI DS Extravagence $8
OPI Have You Seen My Limo $10
OPI Merry Midnight $25
OPI Dazzle Me $8

OPI Sapphires in the Snow $20
OPI Sapphires in the Snow $20
OPI Smitten with Mittens $20
OPI Smitten with Mittens $20
OPI Smitten with Mittens $20
OPI Shim-mery Chic $5
OPI Dazzled by Gold (bn but evap) $27
OPI Absolutely Alice $25- pendingsold
OPI Crimson Carol $20
OPI What's Dune? $20
OPI What's Dune? $20
OPI Sanderella $50 (one ebay listing for $75!)

OPI Glacier Bay Blues $15-pendingsold
OPI Glacier Bay Blues $15sold
OPI Show It and Glow it $10
OPI Teenage Dream - $15
OPI Teenage Dream - $15
OPI Simmer and Shimmer $15
OPI Last Friday Night $10
OPI Last Friday Night $10
OPI Last Friday Night $10
OPI Can't You Sea - $6sold
OPI Mamma Mia $6 sold
OPI Unripened $15

China Glaze Party Hearty $25 (selling for $35+ on ebay)
China Glaze Party Hearty $25
China Glaze Party Hearty $25
China Glaze Party Hearty $25
China Glaze OMG $15 (selling for $24 on ebay)
China Glaze OMG $15-pendingsold
China Glaze OMG $15
China Glaze OMG $15
China Glaze OMG $15
China Glaze OMG $15

China L8R G8R $15-pendingsold
ChG BFF $12
ChG TMI $10
ChG DV8 $15 - pendingsold
ChG BFF $12
ChG Frosty $6
ChG Frosty $6
ChG OMG $15 - pending sold
ChG OMG $15
ChG OMG $15

ChG OMG $15
ChG Frosty $6-pendingsold
ChG Party Hearty $25
ChG Don't Be Square $12
ChG He's Going in Circles $12
ChG Mummy May I $8-sold
ChG First Dawn $4
ChG Dusk $4
ChG Draped in Velvet $4
ChG Groovy Green $8
ChG Modern Elegence $4-pending

NYC Love Letters $4
NYC Love Letters $4
NYC Love Letters $4
Claires Magic $5 sold
Milani Totally Cool $8
Claires Twinkle Twinkle $5
Urban Decay Bruise $15-sold
Teez! Cool $7
Teez! Otta Control $7-pendingsold
Teez! Smooth $7-pendingsold
Teez! Gutsy $7
Revlon Street Wear Prism $7-pending
Revlon Street Wear Voodoo $7-sold
Revlon Street Wear Grape $7

Savvy - $2 each Pink Fairy, Magic Pumpkin, Fairy Twinkle, Puprle Potion, Glass Slipper
Butter London $5 each:  Disco Biscuit, Queen Vic, Jaffa, Swinger (worn lettering)

Pahlish - $7 each unless noted
Fields of Provence
Chemical Swirl
Your Silver Lining
Japanese Moon Melon
? light purple
The Ghost of Banqueo ABI Oct 14
Test Batch Molten Flame
Vivid Murdered by Pirates is Cool $4
Vivid Theoretcal Statue $4
Vivid Theoretical Rockstar $4

$6 each unless noted
Naild' It Candy Corn
Naild It Candy Corn
Naild It Trick or Treat
Lush Lacquer Snow Globe
Lush Lacqeur Flippin Out
Smitten Nuclear Sunshine $7
Amy's Nail Boutique oops 3/10
Amy's Nail Boutique Cop A Teal
Amy's Nail Boutique Fancy Schmancy
Polish Revolution Vagazzle
Polish Revolution Glitterbox
Polish Revolution Eleganza 
Polish Revolution Surprise

$6 unless noted
Nerd Antisocial Media
Nerd The Selfish Green
Literary Lacquers My Secret Garden
Literary Lacquers If It Pleases You
Literary Lacquers Woman of Pleasure
Literary Lacquers John Thomas/Lady Jane
Glitzology Skeleton key-pending sold
Glitzology Blue Lagoon-pending sold
Glitzology My Viking Boyfriend-pending sold
HIt Polish Funfetti
Hit Polish Badazzle
Shimmer Jennifer $5

$6 each unless noted
Native War Paints Shimmering Icicles
Candeo Laser Light
Jindie Autumn-atic ABI Sept 2014
Polish Me Luna Verde ABI Oct 2013
MJCreation unmarked ?
Oopsie Daisies Pink of Me
Cadillacquer Yeah Science-pending
Vapid Snow Fox $10 - 1x sold
Aquadaisy Kesha's Floor Sweeping 1x
Great Lakes Lacquer Lavender Light $7
CBL Memories of You $7
Sonoma 1000 FB Likes
Sincerely Polish Lucky in Love
Coco Allure McDreamy

Sally Hansen Prisms Garnet Lapis $17 each (selling for $24.99 on ebay); note, some have clear bottles; other have the painted bottle; specify which one you want; I will try to accommodate or pick if nothing noted unless I can't!)-one none painted bottle sold
Sally Hansen Ruby Emerald $30 (have 2); both sold

Sally Hansen Golden Cinnabar; have 3 - $1 each
Sally Hansen Prisms Diamond; have 3 - $2 each
Sally Hansen Prisms Ruby Sapphire; have 2; $15 each
SH Prisms Emerald Amethest; have 3; $5 each sold
SH Prisms Pink Opal - $1sold

Sally Hansen Prisms Lavender Gold - $5sold
SH Purple Diamond - $5
SH Turquoise Opal - $20
SH Turquoise Opal $20
SH Lilac (I wrote donw lilac aqua but don't think thats right; to check) $ 5sold
SH Ruby Presents (need to confirm name) $2 sold
SH Bronze Pink (need to confirm name) $2sold
SH Amber Ruby (need to confirm name ($2sold
Cover Girl Nail Slicks - $2-pendingsold
**I have way more of these if you are looking for something different not listed!)

Deborah Lippman - $7 each
Some Enchanted Evening
Some Enchanted Evening
Wicked Game
Brick House 1x - $6
Flash Dance
Happy Birthday
Red Ruby Slippers
Bad Romance
Claire's flakies; box of 6 plus one extra - $3-pendingsold

Alessandra Magnetic silver $3
Alessandra Magenetic purple $3
Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness mini $3
Perfect Nail Care Set - clears - $2
Perfect Nail Care solids - $2
Fantasy Makers Once Upon a time $2
Fantasy Makers Nail in the Coffin $2

Different Dimention HO3 $7 (ABI but I forget which one!)
Lilypad Sea Queen 1x - $6
Lucky 13 Ball Gags, Brownie Mix and Clown Porn $6
F4 Monster Mash $5 sold
F4 Drunken Zombie $5 sold
KPT Kelvin Bleu Holo - $6
Takko mini; green glitter $3
Pretty Serious Eye of Copernious $6-sold
Pretty Serious Daphne's Birthday Party $6
Illa Purity $6
ILNP Pumpkinhead $6
RBL Insouciant $15
RBL Forgiveness $15
RBL Squarepants 1x - $12

Givenchy Island Palm $10
Givenchy Island Lagoon $10-pendingsold
Chanel Peridot $30 sold
Chanel Vendetta $17-pending
Chanel Gold Lame $25
YSL #4 - $10-pending sold
Nars Versailles $7
Dior Graphic Berry - $10
LVX Indigo Blue $4
Sonia Rykiel 005 - $3
YLS Gold $12
YSL White Gold $12

Ozotic Pro 600 - $8
Ozotic Pro 513 - $8
Ozotic Pro (need to confirm; edit:  it is 503)  -$8sold
Ozotic Pro Sugar 904 - $8 sold
Ozotic Pro (need to confirm edit:  it is 504)- $8
Joe Fresh Twilight $5
Joe Fresh Twilight $5
Chanel Strong; no lid or box $30
Picture Polish Ocean $10sold
Picture Polish Fool's Gold $10sold
Hare Lost on Abalone Shore ABI June 2015 $8
Hare Mad Chill $8
Gosh Holographic Hero  $8
Cuccio Cobalt Cool $3

Hello Kitty blue $2-sold
Hello Kitty pink $1
Hello Kitty purple $2
3 gradient polishes; from Japan! $4
Nail Tek Fawn Over Me - $1
Ciate Metalglam - $3
Avon Rose Lustre $1
p2 Elegant $2
NOX Twilight Disco Darling $2
American Apparel Sunset Boulevard $2
Halloween OPI minis; missing unripening and as shown $1 - pending

Models Own - $4 each; Freak Out, Dancing Queen, Disco Inferno, Boogie Nights, Hot Stuff
Ninja Polish:  Alexandrite $20; $Zultanite $20; Color Changing Garnet $20 or take all for $50-all Ninjas pendingsold

Barielle Elle's Spell $5
Barielle Falling Star $4
Barielle Budda-ful $5
Barielle Date Night $2
Layla Flash Black $6
Layla Jade Groove $6
Models Own Champagne $4
SH Puprle Pizzazz $4
SH Mystic Lilac $4-sold
SH Mystic Lilac $4 sold
SH Pumpkin Spice $4 sold
ChG Fireside Glow $6sold
ChG Frosty $6sold

CND Effects and Polishes; $3 each - Crimson Sparkle, Amethyst Sparkle, Copper Shimmer, Copper Shimmer, Ice Blue Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, Sapphire Sparkle, Jade Sparkle, Raspberry Sparkle all Effects sold, Tropical Coral, Eclectric Purple, Plumville
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure; good flaky version! $12 each (selling for $14-$20 on ebay)

Revlon Royal Cloak $2-sold
Revlon Facets of Fuchsia $2
Revlon Facets of Fuchsia $2
Revlon Royal (good jelly version) $2-sold
DD Brrr $2
Cbl Mystery & Mayhem $6
Eva Garden #75 $4
A England Princess Sabra $6-
A England Ascalon $6
Dollish We're Simply Meant to Be $6
Hits holo's; Apolo, Hera and Dionisio $6 for all 3-sold
Forever Polish Nephthys $3
Julep Maria $2 - sold
Hard Candy Beetle $4

Borghese - $2 each; Mochaccino, Stellare Notte, Euro Green, Vigneto, Via Venetco Chrome, Anemone, Chroma, Tempesta Black, Stellare Notte, Cristallo Shimmer - sold; two available.

$2 each unless noted; Misa Toxic Seduction, Misa Lets Go Green, Misa The Grass Is Greener on My Side, Misa Hot People Like You, Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money, Misa Dirty Sexy Money, Misa Date Nights to the Twilight, Misa Lather Rinse Repeat, Misa Sandals Flip Flops and Hip Hop, Models Own Corn Flower Gleam $4- WnW Kauai, WnW Barbados, SH Midnight Sky, L'Oreal The Mystics Fortune

$2 each unless noted:  Claires Twinkle Twinkle, Claires Twinkle Twinkle, Claires Twinkle Twinkle, G1 no name, Claires Bright Skies, Claires Candy Shop, Claires Gold Glitter Top coat, D2W Kiss the Rain, D2W First Love, D2W Love Potion, D2W Silhouette, Kiko 802pending-, Star Gazer 305 $5-pendingsold

$3 each unless noted; Orly Hawaiian Punch, Orly Space Cadet, Orly Androgynie, Orly Gorgeous, Tony Moly GS09, Tony Moly GT03, Quo by Orly Night Sky, Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight, Quo by Orly Celestial Star, Gosh Blue Monday, Gosh Golden Brown, Gosh Holographic $8, Rituals Skyline, Rituals Winter Blue

Rivka Holos; all new but some evaporation; $4 each; Charlotte, Serena, Samantha, Georgina, Lilly, Jenny, Blair, Miranda, Vanessa; 3 unknowns $ each, pa AA14 $2; pa A132 $2; paA130 $2

All Catrice $3 each; Have an Ice Day, Miss Money Penny, Million Dollar Baby, No Smoke Without Fire (pending sold), Welcome to Las Vegas, Sold Out For Ever, Swear My Sunglasses at Night, Birty Berry, All Zoya's $3 each: Vegas Freeze (pending), Elise, Savit-pending, Valerie-pending; Studio M's $2 each:  Purple Medallion-pending, Fast Play-pending

Color Club; $2 each:  Sugar Plum Yum, Very Merry Berry, Fame & Fortune, Pink Lust, Artsy Crafty, Fashion Addict, Beyond the Mistletoe, Magic Attraction, Love Em/Leave Em, Uptown Girl, Diamond Drops, Fashion Addict

$2 each unless noted:  Icing Born This way, Icing Sweet Thang, Icing Gimme Some Glitter, Icing Birthday Beyotch, Icing Rockstar from Mars, Icing Epic Winning, Icing Glitteratti, no name; Golden Rose Holo 112, Golden Rose holo 102, Sation Starlight Covers, Sation Suede Shoes

Sally Hansens $2 each; will update

KC green holo 50 cents; KC green holo 50 cents, Sparitual Revere $2; Sparitual Intention $2; FP Heavenly Hydrangea $2, FP Sapphire Sparkle $2, W7 Moondust $1, W7 Graphte $1, Orly Smoked Out $3, Orly Darkest Shadow $3, Anna Sui 003 $3, Anna Sui 203 $3 (pending sold), NYS multiglitter $1, NYS Fuchsia Glitter $1

Lot of 5 Goldies - $3; Sally Hansens $2 each:  Emerald Green, Emerald Green, Emerald Green, Jade, Twilight Teal, Tempermental, Vixen, vixen-

$1 each; will update with names

SH Plum Pretty $1; Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Scarab $2; Essece Twins: Troy & Gabriella $8; Essense Twins Chuck & Blair $8; will update SH's.

Essense $3 each:  Vampires Love The Dark, Twilight Breaking Dawn Jacobs Protection, Twilight Edwards Love, Vampire Hunt Me If You Can,Twilight Piece of Forever, Twilight Alice Had A Vision, Rock Glam Steel-ing the Scene, Soul Sister James Favourite Brown, Vampire Gold Old Buffy, Snowflake Topper, Breaking Dawn Edwards Love, Breaking Dawn Jacobs Protection, Metal Glam Gold Topper, Hang Baby, Ooh, You're A Gold Mine, Circus Confetti, Mystic Mermaid, Metal Babe-pending

$2 NOPI; will update

$2 each unless noted:  Martini, 2010 ($6), 2010 $6, Opulent Pearl $6, Opulant Pearl $6, Sapphire, White Polka Dot $4, White Polka Dot $4, Black Polka Dot $4, Black Polka Dot $4, Gilded Gold, Reclaim $3, Spark $3 - pending

Nubars; $2; will update
BYS Voodoo Violet $3; Love & Beauty black/gold glitter $1; Faces Multiglitter $8, Basic Beauty NR24 $1, Lucid Pink Pearl Top coat $3, Lucid blue matte $2, Clarins 220 $2, D2W Heart of Gold $2

Essie Chips No Potatoes $2; Essie Shine of the Times $10; Essie As Gold As it Gets; have 3; $2 each, Essie Going Incognito $2-pending, Essie SSN (new version) $4, Essie Set In Stones $2; Ludriana no name $2, Koh Metallic Green $4 (pending), Koh Purple Rain $4, Bourjois 14; have 2; $2 each; Flormar 392 $3; Flormar U31 $2

will update; OPI Not Like The Movies (good version) $5

OPI Sapphires in the Snow $20
OPI Glacier Bay Blues $15
OPI AA - $25
OPI AA $25
OPI AA $25
OPI AA $25
OPI Mad as a Hatter $20-pending - now sold

OPI Sparkle-icious
OPI Yokohma Twilight $25
OPI Blue Moon Lagoon $10-pending/sold
OPI Lucerte-tainly Look Marvelous $4
OPI Shim-merry Chic
OPi Catch Me In Your Net $25
OPI Not Like the Movies $5
OPI Show It & Glow It
OPI Cozu-melted in the Sun
OPI Blue Chips $5
OPI Peach-A-Boo!
OPI Smitten With Mittens $20
OPI Show It & Glow It

OPI Gone Gonzo
OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air
OPI Excuse Moi!
OPI Divine Swine
OPI Warm & Fozzie
OPI Miss Piggy with It
OPI Meep-Meep-Meep
OPI Peach-A-Boo
OPI Shim-Merry Chic
OPI Ink Suede
OPI Not Like the Movies $5
OPI Model Me On My Cell
OPI Overexposed in South Beach
OPI My Chihuahua Bites

OPI Blonde Date
OPI Holiday Glow
OPI Dominent Jeans $6-pending
OPI I Have a Herring Problem
OPI Concerto in Copper
OPI MMM0Would You like a Lick-tensein
OPI Oyster Blue Lagoon
OPI What's Dune? $20
 OPI Designer de better!
OPI Serving Up Sparkle $4
OPI Glizterland  $4
OPI Coral Reef $10-pending
OPI I Juggle...Men $4

OPI Cool in the Pool $10
OPI Go On Green
OPI Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds
OPI Can't You Sea
OPI Servin Up Sparkle $4
OPI Her Majesty's Secret Service $4
Revlon Street Wear Conniving $7-pending
SH Prisms Emerald Amethyst
Fantasy Makers holo glitter $5
Sally Girl red glitter $2'
OPI Black Shatter and Zom-body to Love $2

Sally Hansen Nail Quencher $2 each; 6 sold
Seche Vite BN (but has fill line0 $10 - pending sold
Zoya Remove with fill line $10

to update

to update Poshe tc sold

to update
HKGirl top coat BN $5 (original; not rebottled in yellow capped bottles)-pending
HK Girl Top coat BN $5-pending
HK Girl Top coat half bottle; free with purchase; just ask-pending sold

CICI & SISI plate cases; $4 each; have six:  red, red, yellow, hot pink, pink, white
Mash Black and White Stamping polishes; $4 for both-pending sold
KC white $1
Konad light purple stamping polish $4
Konad light purple stamping polish $4
pink metallic polish for stamping; free; just ask for it-gone
UC silicone mat; the larger size; never used $9-pending-sold
UC clean up brushes; never used; have 3; $5 each; 2 sold

round plate holders; have 3 $1 each
lot of Konad stamping polishes as shown; assorted usage; $10-pending sold

UC Love & Marriage $8-pending sold
MJ L $8

Marianne nails n51 $5
MoYou Festive 32 - $7-pending sold
Symetrika 06 sold from MM; $4
Valareigh 03 sold from MM $4

MoYou Festive 38 - $7 sold
Moyra Memories 16 - $9
MoYou Festive 06; has defective image; second row, image closes to right with some usage $2 sold
Sugar Bubbles 027 $4

Konad Square 07 - $4
Konad Square 06 - $4
Delaney Chats & Chiens 002 - $6
Konad Square 02 - $4

Creative Plates; plate to the right is E  - $7 each

Creative Plates; plate to the left is F sold, to the right is G (Sailor Moon Images) - $7 each

MM 57 - $5; Decor Unas DU04 $2sold

Merry Christmas, Baby, both sold at Messy Mansion; $4 each; Merry Christmas pending sold

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

SdP 84, SdP 85 $2 each

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

SdP 86, SdP 90; $2 each-90 pending sold

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

SdP 92, SdP 91 $2 each

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

SdP 96, SdP 95; $2 each; 96 pending sold

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

SdP 100, SdP 99 $2 each

fauxnad B - $3

Original release, not defective replacement; just don't stamp these and have too many plates!  Big SdP H $3

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  

Big SdP S - $3 each - 

fauxnad C - $3

fauxnad A - $3

Essence Stampy plates; $2 each, from L-R; A, B, C

Essence Stampy plates; $2 each, from L-R; D, E, F

Essence Stampy plates; $2 each, from L-R; G, Hi, I

Essence Stampy plates; $2 each, from L-R; J, K, L

Essence Stampy plates; $2 each, from L-R; M, N, R

Essence Stampy plates; $2 each, from L-R; S, T.  Konad m90 $3

$1 each;  H42, H22, BM 

50 cents each:  B75, B81, B09, B38

50 cents each:  B14, B21, m48, B10

50 cents each:  T15, A35, H18, D17

50 cents each:  H39, H27, T28, H31

50 cents each:  B119, AT01, H13, M93, unnamed with butterfly in center

Note:  SdP plates were original purchases that had been replaced to having defective images.  I have stamped with many of them recently and found no defective images but I think its because of the advances in stampers and the plate etchings work with them versus old Konad style stampers back in the day.  I sampled a few images that you can see below; any I tried stamped fine

XXL Big SdP 2 - $15 

This was a huge undertaking; if I made any typo's or mixed up names, I'm sorry but I did try to be as careful and detailed as possible.  I will any missing information when I have time, will also update any solds or add more to the sale as time permits. 

Thank you for taking the time to look....this is probably the biggest blog sale you've ever seen!  And I'm just getting started.....more will be coming!!  If you have any ISO's especially older mainstreams and indies, plmk and I will see if I have them!

Thanks for looking!

November 2nd:  Added more and have shown with current flyer to confirm I have!
China Glaze Zombie Zest $25; China Glaze 2030 $5, China Glaze Ickabody x2 $10 each

Vapid Cap'n Crunk Loops $14,, Vapid Black Friday 2015 bnnu but can't say if it transitions $14, Parrot Polish White Gold $7, Koh Purple Univ (buy Purple Univ and get free Koh Black Star; free as while I never used it, when I pulled the polish for the sale, I seen evap as it seems top of bottle had small chip but prob can be decanted)

Darling Diva Anita $5, Hare Polish What I Wore to the Revolution $8, Darling Diva Soft Kitty $5, Darling Diva Champagne Wishes & Holo Kisses $25, Pahlish Bespoke Catawissa ($8), Painted Polish Party Like a Patriot $8

Wingdust Fairy Blind $6, Wingdust Sleepless Summer Nights $6, Wingdust Beach Bum $6, Pahlish Melody Malone $6, Gloss n Sparkle Goodbye Sober Day $6, Goldenrose #5 flakie $6

Lot of 8 Serum No. 5 glow in the dark - $35 - a couple may be used but it was minimal; can't confirm they glow but can check if needed)

Set of 3 Sass & Sparkle$1 (note; thick and need thinned and I've added Beauty Secrets thinner to them before but have never used), Layla 55, 66, 73 and 53 $2 each

Serum No. 5 Whale Hellow There $6; Serum No. 5 Endora's Aura $6, Serum No. 5 unnamed light blue holo $5

UberChic 5-02 (has one defective image which is daylily which was tested a few times $3; Moyra Mini 108 bnnu$5, ZZ Vintage 1 bnnu $2, Moyra 29 Waerworld bnnu$10, Kelly Negri 30 bnnu $10

November 6 2017: Update:  Added more - shown with weekend paper to show I have them!

Vapid Holo Jellies -$45 (Salt Creek 1x; rest are new) sold

Maybelline Brassy, Diva Blues, Cocoa Dream, Dreamy Taupe, Coffee Blaze - $2 each

Maybelline Blackened Maroon, Gold Aluminum, Blackened Teal - $2 each

Maybelline Plum Motion, Chocolate Grape - $2 each

L'Oreal Blue Mood, Blue Metal, Stiletto, Flash, Blue Mood - $2 each

L'Oreal Flash, Sheer Breathless, Sheer Whisper, Glitter Glam, Strobe - $2 each

L'Oreal Pronto, Orly Luscious L'Orange, Revlon Streetwear Moody, L'Oreal Glazed, Creative Milky Way - $2 each

Revlon Sunset Beach, Really Rosy, Swoop, Fuchsia Pop, Flirt, Typhoon - $2 each

L'Oreal Sheer Valour, Strong Arm, Zippy, After Party, Future Rose, Pow! - $2 each

Dare2Wear Sparkling Mist2Icy Glaze, Green 2 Gold Opal, Orange Wine 2 Snow Flakes, Mystery Fire2Sizzling Pink, Optic Lusion Swing Time $3 each

Black Radiance Sea Glass $2, Caboodles (unnamed; very evaporated) $1, CoverGirl Parisian Pink $1, Optic Lusion Pango Charms $3, Oops Mud to Dust Slide $3, Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays and Pink Pinata $1 each; 

Dare2Wear Gold Brick2Pearl Orange $3; Revlon Berry Bloom $2, Revlon Fuchsia Pop $2, Naturalistic hex glitter $1, Misslyn bar glitters x2; $1 each, Maybelline Sunset Prisms $2

Del Sol Girls Night Out, Gold Rush, Starry Night, VIP, On Fire, Heart Breaker, After Party, (can't say they change) - $2 each

Del Sol Calypso, L'Oreal Iron Willed, Super Charmed, Rimmell Green with Envy, Torrid $2 each

Coraline stamping sets; missing stampers and scrapers - $10 each

November 9, 2017:  Added a few more!

Revlon Pink Fiesta, Revlon Coral Glow, CM Classical (evap), Naturalisted Limelight Pearl, unanmed fuchsia, Periwinkle Pearl, SH Fanciful, Calvin Klein Tutu - $2 each

Rimmell Mirage, Tangello, Pink Rose, Star Dust; $2 each

L'Oreal Bijou's:  B. Impulse (evap); B. Powerful, Sunset Beach, Fuchsia Aglow, B. Fabulous $2 each

Maybelline Jewel's n Berries, Pink Splash, Timely Turquoise, Permanent Blush (?), Sweet Tarts - $2 each

Maybelline Blue Brilliance, Denim Dash, Ruby Desire, Ruby Desire - $2 each

IBD Gel Silver Lites, IBD Gel Aphrodite, Gelish Flirting in a Skating Skirt, IBD Moroccan Spice - $3 each

IGel St. Lucia, Gold, Reception, Vanguard, Courageous, Trendy - $3 each

Gelish Pretty as a Pink-ture, Gelish Me, Myself-ie & I, Sky Extreme Apricot, DND Haven Angel, DND Fairy Angel  - $3 each

ChG DV8 - $15; ChG Luna $4, ChG It's Alive $12, ChG 2Nite $10, Baronness Caramel Apple Pie $8

Savvy Prince Ala Charm, Hits Borealis (evap), Gosh Rusty, Claire's Diva, Savvy Glass Slipper, Rivka Carrie - $2 each

Added more Nov 14, 2017!

Sally Hansen Opals $3 each:  07 Violet Opal, 13 Flame Opal, 09 Goldspun Opal, 09 Goldspun Opal, 06 Red Opal, 09 Gold Opal, 03 Fire Opal

Sally Hansen Opals $3 each:  12 Bright Opal, 06 Red Opal, 16 Royal Opal, 16 Royal Opal, 07 no label, 06 Red Opal, 08 Pale Lilac, 01 Pure White

Sally Hansen Opals $3 each:  02 Crystal, 08 Pale Lilac, 04 Rose Gold, 02 Crystal, 07 Violet, 12 Bright, 01 Pure White, 06 Red

Sally Hansen Opals $3 each:  14 Blush, 07 Violet, 15 Wildfire, 06 Red, 14 Blush, 15 Wildfire, 08 Pale Lilac, 13 Flame

Sally Hansen Opals:  09 Gold Spun, 04 Rose Gold, 11 Amber; SH's: $2 each:  Black Pearl, Rose, Garnet, SH New Lenght Rose Opal 

Revlon Punch Chrome $3, Revlon Grapefruit Glimmer $2, Revlon Pina Colada Pop $2, Art de Lautrec; set of 3, $6 (black holo, burgandy holo and then like a mix of black/burgandy)

SH Pacific Blue original $10; SH Lime Lights $3, NYC Gothic, She-Devil and Franken-Slime; $2 each, Ciate Pepperminty $3, Ciate Silhouette $3

Icing Glimmer, Revlon Grapefruite Glimmer, Mood Lavender2BlueFrost, Mood Midnight Black2Diamond Sparkle, Goldenrose 101 (pale blush/beigee), Goldenrose 119; $2 each

Allessandro magnetics burgandy and blue: $3 each, Del Sole Peeaboo, Electrick $2 each, Pure Ice Busted $1, Perfect Power Toil and Trouble $7

China Glaze white labels, $4 each:  Great Barrier Beige, Tempest, Bare If You Dare, Guilded Treasurers, St. Martini

China Glaze white labels; $4 each:  Sex on the Beach, Draped in Velvet, Indian Ocean, Guilded Treasurers, Temptation Carnation $3; not white label) 

$3 unless noted:  Sally Hansen Night Lights, Emerald City, Night Lights, Purple Potion, Cobalt Seas, Blue It, Purple Fiesta, Black Cat ($2)

SH's: Ice Coffee, Emerald City, Purple Gala $3 each; Revlon Grapefruit Glimmer $2; Revlon Punch $3, Revlon Glazed $2

SH Chromes $3 each:  5258-01, 5258-01, Titanium, Black Pearl, Black Pearl, Champage Pearl

SH Chromes $3:  Cinnabar, Petal Crystal, Silver Tip, 5712-04, Turquoise, Rhodolite, Royal Purple

Sally Hansen Chromes $3 each:  x2246020000, Pure Crystal, 5712-02, Jewel Chrome, Baby Blue Crystal, Fiery Pink Diamond

Sally Hansen Chromes $3 each:  Lilac Diamond, Turquoise, Ruby Rose, Peach Crystal, Petal Crystal, Gold