My Wishlist

I've created an ISO board on Pinterest, too!
It includes some of the above polishes, but there are different ones as well.

ISO Pinterest

fauxnad disney plate H34
Face Stockholm Multi Glitter #86
Konad IP m84
Konad IP m85
Konad UK IP Charming Nails Q1
Hot Topic Image Plates-desperately!
Essence Waking Up in Vegas
Essence Make it Golden
Sancion Angel Luna or any of the holos
Lancome Ultra Lavende LE 54
BB Couture Trim & Tassled
BB Couture Impact Driver
BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl
BB Couture Moon over Manhattan
BB Couture Diamond Dust
BB Couture Sea of Cortez
BB Couture can you tell I don't have many of them!
D2W Dollhouse Collection (box set)
Milani Totally Cool
Island Girl Yo Red Sun
Confetti Tazmanian Devil
Models Own Mixed Up
Nars Soho Blue
Urban Decay ID
Nail Art Diva-the holiday plates
NYX (Girls) Maui Sunrise
NYX (Girls) Carnival
Bloom London
Bloom Mena
Mwn Raven
Milani Gems-pink glitter version
China Glaze Shooting Stars
Sally Hansen-Magicals Holos
Chanel Black Pearl
Essie Dive Bar
Claire's Star Struck
KleanColor Silver Star
KleanColor Metallics - for stamping!
Isadora Crackle Polish-pink, blue, green, yellow
Naughty Nailz polishes!
Alessandro Majic Twist sets-all of them!
MAC Superstar
OPI DS Glamour
RBL Purple Haze
Nfu Oh 65, 51 and 66 (or all of them!)
Pure Ice French Kiss
Pure Ice Once Again
Models Own Champagne
Petites Black Diamond
China Glaze Octa Gone Wild
OPI Dazzled by Gold
Sally Hansen Nigh Hydrangea
Essie Starry Starry Night
Chanel Holographic
Essence Stampy Plate-with shoe design
Chanel Melrose
RBL Moxie
MAC Originiality
MAC For Fun
MAC Violet Fire
MAC Gone but Not Forgotten
MAC Naughty Nautical
Lynnderella Billet Doux
Lynnderella Fall Preview 2012
Lynnderella Green of Hearts
Lynnderella Graphic Content
Lynnderella Witch Fairy
Lynnderella To Fall with Love
Darling Diva Dorothy
Dollish Polish Random Dancing
Julep Hayden
Julep O Canada
Julep America the Beautiful
Cult Nails Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant
Cult Nails Disciplined
Cult Nails Flushed
China Glaze Desert Sun
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
OPI Schnapps Out Of It
Jade Energy
Jade Negra
Jade Mystic Gold
Jade Facinio Violeta
Jade Magia
Jade Vermelho Surreal
Jade Hypnose
Jade Energy
Jade Delirio Rosa
Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily
Sally Hansen Project Runway
China Glaze Make a Spectacle
Piggy Polish Lightmare
Barry M Gelly-Plum
Barry M Gelly-Watermelon
Barry M Gelly-Blood Orange
Barry M Gelly-Blackberry
Barry M Gelly-Blueberry
Barry M Gelly-Prickly Pear
Barry M Gelly-Grapefruit
American Apparel Sheer-Moonlight Beach
American Apparel Sheer-Redondo Beach
Picture Polish Monroe (old/original version)
Essence Gold Fever
Darling Diva Holiday 2012 FUUUUUUUUUDGE
Darling Diva Seriously Serious
Darling Diva Walk on the Ocean
Darling Diva Lovely Lilacs
Darling Diva Holiday Lights
Pahlish Train Underwater
Pahlish Slow Fade of Love
Pahlish Chemical Swirl
Pahlish Dark Parades
Pahlish Stroke of Luck
Pahlish Goldmine; Gutted
Pahlish Your Possible Heart
Pahlish Your Lover is an Actress
Pahlish Combustible Lemon
Pahlish Lonesome Ocean
Pahlish Great Wide Open
Pahlish Deep Purple Drank
Pahlish Dance Across the Ocean
Pahlish Slow Like Honey
Pahlish December 2014 duo
Happy Hands Stuffed
Happy Hands Illusions, Michael
Lush Lemony Flutter
Best Glue Ever craft glue
La Femme Unica
La Femme Valiosa
La Femme Preciosa
China Glaze Water You Waiting For
China Glaze Surreal Appeal
China Glaze Escaping Reality
China Glaze Def Defying
Elevation Daisen
NOPI I Sea You and Raise You
NOPI Feeling Grapeful
NOPI Don't Over Pink It
Candy Lacquer Block Party
Pahlish Train Underwater (older, lighter version) (I've bought a bottle on a blog sale *hoping its this one*)
OPI Standing Room Only Gold
Lime Crimes Peaches Cream
Lime Crimes Limon
Lime Crimes Pastelchio
Lime Crimes Milky Ways
Urban Outfitters Green Holo
Urban Outfitters Silver Holo
Urban Outfitters Pink Holo
Dollish Polish Bazinga
Dollish Polish I'm Not Crazy My Mother Had Me Tested
Dollish Polish Don't Wake Me Up
Dollish Polish That's So Fetch
Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva
Zoya Pixie Dust Vespa
Zoya Pixie Dust London
Zoya Pixie Dust Nyx
American Apparel African Violet
American Apparel Pink Ladies
American Apparel Angeline
Bettina Gabrielle
Bettina Peaches n Creme
Bettina Camilla
Black Cat Lacquer I Want Candy
Smitten Aquarius
Smitten I Want it Now
Smitten Confection
Smitten Glass Elevator
Smitten Spice Cake
Smitten The One on the Right
Smitten Ermahgerd Candy Corns
Smitten Electric Lime
Color Club Kismet
Color Club Cosmic Fate
Color Club Beyond
Color Club Over the Moon
Color Club Eternal Beauty
Color Club Miss Bliss
Elevation Polish El Cap
Elevation Polish Rapa Nui
Elevation Polish Gonzales
Elevation Polish Rapa Nui
Elevation Polish Haba Xueshan
Elevation Polish Ama Dablam
Chaos and Crocodiles Fireside Nights
Chaos and Crocodiles Ferris Wheel at Dusk
Chaos and Crocodiles Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza
Chaos and Crocodiles Bluebeary
Chaos and Crocodiles Twilight Lagoon
Chaos and Crocodiles Operation Vegas
Darling Diva BJ
Darling Diva Lephrechaun's Gold
Darling Diva Fa ra ra ra ra
Darling Diva Unicorn Bath
Darling Diva A Christmas Story
Darling Diva Bella Donna
Darling Diva Caffeine Junkie
Darling Diva Champagne Wishes
Darling Diva The Alchemist
Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler
Rainbow Honey Koi Pond
Shimmer Polish Tammy .....:)
Any of the Shimmers; glitter and haven't seen any that I wouldn't mind having in my stash!
LA Girl Holographics - 8 different ones
Picture Polish Freya's Cats
Picture Polish Lagoon
Dandy Nails Bound to Fall
Julie G Gumdrops-Hot Cinnamon
Julie G Gumdrops - Rock Candy
Julie G Gumdrops - Bluebery Fizz
Julie G Gumdrops - Crushed Candy
Julie G Gumdrops - Sugar Rush
Julie G Gumdrops - Tangerine Dream
KBShimmer - Excuse Me, I Blurped
KBShimmer - The Grape Beyond
KBShimmer - Would Jubilee It?
KBShimmer Rush Flower Traffic
KBShimmer Honeydew List
KBShimmer A Touch of Glass
KBShimmer Skyjinks
Barry M Textures - Countess
Barry M Textures - Majesty
Barry M Textures - Duchess
Barry M Textures - Princess
Barry M Textures - Lady
Literary Lacquers Pan Glactic Gargle Blaster
Literary Lacquers Dandelion Wine
Jade Oasis
Jade Over the Rainbow
Jade Sunset
Jade Mirage
Jade Black Tie
Wingdust Collections Sleepless Summer Nights
Dance Legend Amethyst
Dare to Wear Ready for My Close Up
Nabi Abysis
Nabi Greenland
B-Touch Red Lavender
Kiko 277
Kiko 236
Kiko 336
Kiko 292
Kiko 402
Kiko 332
Kiko Sugar Matte 640
Kiko Sugar Matte 641
Kiko Sugar Matte 642
Kiko Sugar Matte 645
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Royal Icing
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Treat Heart
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkles
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Red Velvet
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Spare-a Mint
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Candy Corn
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Laughie Taffy
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Gummy Grape
Too Fancy Lacquer Chocolate Gold
Deborah Lippmann B!tches Brew
Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies
Deborah Lippmann Just Walk Away Rene
Butter London Brown Sugar
Butter London Petrol
Butter London Inky Sex
Liquid Sky Fuchsia Illusion
Liquid Sky Pumpkin Pie
Liquid Sky Polka Dot Heaven
Glam Polish Star Candy
Perfect Sands; 58, 59, 69, 71, 72, 73,
Another Essence plate
p2 Green Palm Tree
Cirque Le Invader
Cirque Lullaby
Catrice Royal Blood
Pahlish - Your Bright Shadow
Pahlish - Snake in the Grass
Pahlish Golden Nougat
Pahlish L'Or Blanc
Pahlish Sea of Tranquility
Pahlish Phantom and a Fly
Pahlish Mauna Loa
Pahlish Taking the Weather Personally
Liquid Sky Lacquer - Polka Dot Heaven
Nina Ultra Pro Salsa
Sation Oh My Ocean
Too Fancy Lacquer Peacock Parade
Scofflaw Wraith Pinned to the Mist
Scafflaw Underripe
Scofflaw Rough Tuff Cream Puff
Enchanted Stay Classy San Diego
Enchanted Hot Chocolate
Enchanted August 2013
Enchanted Water for Unicorns
Enchanted April 2014
Enchanted July 2013
Enchanted September 2014
Lilypad Lacquer Frogs Alive
Lilypad Lacquer She's All That
Lilypad Lacquer Wintery Bliss
Lilypad Lacquer Stormy Skies
Lilypad Lacquer True Blood (2014)
Lilypad Lacquer Paradise
Colors by llarowe Thriller
Colors by llarowe It's Spring Somewhere
Celestial Sunkissed
Celestial Mrs. Claus Juggs
Celestial Liquid Lawn
Celestial Trip
Celestial Inception
Milani 2013 fall texture-Beautiful Bordeaux
^^(I got all but this one in fall 2014 display; same colours - or they forgot to put it out last year lol)
LA Girls Sands - any
Nubar Spring 2014 Glitters - any
Nubar New Mood
Nubar Succulent
Nubar Wildflower Blooming
Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier
Sation Oh My Ocean
Verity Bright Green
Femme Fatale Abuse the Ooze
Different Dimensions Ocean's Daughter
Different Dimensions Excelsior
ILoveNP Kings & Queens
ILoveNP Music Box
ILoveNP Charming Purple
ILoveNP Dreaming in Violet
ILoveNP Cutie Pop
ILoveNP Princeton
ILoveNP Fall Semester
ILoveNP Bikini Bottoms
ILoveNP Black Orchid
ILove NP Electric Carnival
ILoveNP Open Fields
ILove NP Rehab
ILove NP Gaia
ILove NP Supernova
ILove NP Neon Rosebud
ILove NP Success
Literary Lacquer Love You Forever
Literary Lacquer As the Waltz Was Ending
Literary Lacquer Sidewalks End
Oopsie Daisies Bluebird
Any of Zoya Entice
Any of Zoya Ignite
Zoya Fall 2014 Pixies
Any of Zoya Spring Naturel Satins
Literary Lacquer Swallowed Up In Blue
Literary Lacquer Happy Medium
Dior Gris
Indigo Bananas Halcyon
Indigo Bananas Lucky Strike Flakies
Indigo Bananas Jupiter Ridge Flakies
Indigo Bananas Hole in the Sky
Hare For Margot Tenenbaum
Emily de Molly Bright Young Things
Digital Nails Pale Blue Dot
Starrily Balloon Animal
Starrily Galaxy
Starrily Clowns Are Our Friends
Elevation Polish Shilin Stone Forest
Elevation Polish The Med 2
Elevation Polish Arabian Sea 2
Contrary Polish Pink Grapefruit
Contrary Polish Valencia Orange
Contrary Polish Key Lime
Contrary Polish Meyer Lemon
Contrary Polish Humor Me
Contrary Polish Urban Fantastical
Sinful Colors Prosecco
Nail Vinyls - any brand/any style as I can't free hand a stripe at all and that itty bitty striping tape is pain in the      arse to use!
Different Dimensions Thriller
Different Dimensions Werewolves of London
KBShimmer Hugs & Wishes
KBShimmer Flannel Surfing
KBShimmer How You Dune
KBShimmer Flake Dance
KBShimmer Blue-d Lines
KBShimmer Ins and Sprouts
KBShimmer Thistle Be the Day
KBShimmer Eyes White Open
KBShimmer White Here, White Now
Illamasque Melange
colors by llarowe Mercy
colors by llarowe Obsessed with Marilyn
colors by llarowe Nitro
colors by llarowe Shimmer Me Timbers
colors by llarowe The Way You Make Me Feel
Celestial Cosmetics Chandra
Celestial Cosmetics Bay of Rainbows
L'Oreal Aux Chandelles (the very light gray one!)
Funky Fingers Gesso (white)
Funky Fingers Dark Knight (black)
Polish Me Silly Surprise Me (or any of the big circle glitters)
Smitten Polish Whiskey in the Jar

I really like the small matte glitters like in Floam; if you can create a combination whatever it is, I'm sure I'd be into it!

Mani Basics

Mango Mend
felt squares
Instant Artificials
Duri Rejuvinate
KBShimmer Clearly on Top
Lush Lemony Flutter
Funky Fingers Gesso (white)
Funky Fingers Dark Knight (black)