Monday, November 29, 2010

Glittery Mess? Or Success?

Well, Christmas will soon be upon us so I thought it may be time to start rocking some holiday and winter manis....this is OPI Smitten with Mittens from the 2009 OPI Holiday Wishes collection.

Stamped with Orly Luxe and Scratchers stamping polish in platinum (similar to Sally Hansen Celeb City) using Konad IP m59 and fauxnads HB23, HB11 and P12.

The pix do not do this polish really is beautiful...and the stamps do glitter in real life....

So what do you think...glittery mess .... or success?

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Coco-Essie Winter 2010 Collection

My local beauty supply store had the new winter collection in when I stopped by last picked a few of the new polishes. While I got Smokin Hot and Going Incognito, I decided to go with Hot Coco.

Stamped using China Glaze Passion, using Konad IP m44 for the tip and fauxnad GCOCL K04 for flower. This was my first time using the tip image plate and I don't think I did too shabby in lining up the stamp..except the middle finger! I was concerned how it would look on my oval shaped nails, but not too terrible, even though I think the tip images look nicer on a square shaped nail...its just my nails don't look good shaped square! Who knows, maybe oval doesn't suit me either!

Here's with no stamping...excuse those few water drops from a quick wash to get rid of acetone feeling on my fingers after cleanup!

And the stamping in progress...just flower before the tip!

Quick image of the fauxnad plate-the flower I used is near the blue dot on the picture.

All in all, I'm just OK on this mani. I thought I'd love a brown polish, but as I like to rock much brighter colours, it is a little subdued for me. A nice change, but not me. I did try using black polish to stamp first on my left hand, and it didn't show up that well, in my humble opinion should anyone want to know!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm tired of pix that aren't colour accurate.....

I'm going to start looking for a new more colour accurate and with good macro (as I just don't have time to crop and edit you can see from my postings!)

Case in point: This is OPI Koala photos reddish...but is really a deep hot pinkish colour....

As I'm such a fan of pinks...probably my favourite mani this is great for fall....

Stamped using Konad IP m56 with konad black special polish and a couple of stones...just to add a little pizzazz!

Now that our daytime light is limited as well as not too many sunny days, I also need to hunt down some new lighting sources....will have busy weekend trying to find these...but an excuse to shop none the less!

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

L.A. Girl Color Addict - Hooked

I picked up a few of these polishes that I seen yesterday at Designer Cosmetics ....not that I need any more polishes especially after hauling in the US over the was nice to get the polishes not readily available in Canada....Anyway, these L.A. Girl polishes were 3/$10....

Stamped using Konad IP m64, using Konad blue special polish.

The whole line of L.A. Girl Color Addict have a soft gold shimmer which was nice...application was OK-maybe a little runny but not bad for $3.33...

The gold shimmer is lightly visible...yes, I need to work on getting some better indoor lighting....

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Finally Have Nfu's!!

Swapping is absolutely the best!

I have swapped a couple times with a lovely lady from Netherlands, and while she is mainly interested in obtaining OPI's, I'm obsessed with nfu-and catrice, and p2 and...well, you get the picture! First, I adore Nfu oh bottles-they are little mini works of art alone! I've been lucky enough to swap for Nfu oh 17, 44, 50, 51, 52, 54, 61, 64, GS04, GS11 and GS 14!

OPI Jade is the New Black had been an untried for a while and haven't worn green in a few weeks so thought it would be a great time to give it a whirl! Two coats JitNB, then one coat of Nfu oh 52. It has a blue base with flakies, that turned a shade of teal over the green OPI polish.

Day two of mani, stamped using Konad IP 64 with white Konad special polish-yes, I did say white... even though this obviously looks light see, some weird chemical reaction occured ....did two coats of JitNB, then SV, then nfu and then just left it to dry naturally as I had lots of time as was surfing net. Then stamped...and yes it did stamp white BUT when I put SV overtop of the turned purple before my eyes! Never had this happen before...but I don't actually mind the purple....

Day three of mani, taken outside in overcast skies, but you see the flakies a little better and I have a little chip...but a little chip/wear on day three isn't too bad as its time to change mani again!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget..

Remembrance Day Mani....

Essie Sag Habor, stamped using Konad red special polish, fauxnad IP C01, then a black rhinestone. Unfortunately I had some colour drag on my index finger when I topped the mani off with SV, but it was farrrrrr too late to redo.....

The above pix was taken in sunlight-the grey is slightly more colour accurate in this pix then the others which appear to show blue.

Thanks for looking...and remember those who gave their lives and continue to serve so that we enjoy the freedom we have today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Can't Believe I Didn't Stamp This...

I had been by Murale recently where I was able to pick up a few SpaRitual polishes including this one, Solitude. This shade is very fall appropriate!

Then topped off with a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure-I am mesmerized by how this changes the look of the polish-hopefully you can see the green, rust, copper shades from this amazing flaky. Unfortunately the purple doesn't come out too well-but it is a beautiful shade.

And while I had every intention of stamping it...cause that's what I do....I couldn't bare to cover the flaky goodness!

This last pix was taken in the sunlight and probably the best pix I was able to take that you can actually see the purple thru the HT- and see my index finger and the other tips-that is shrinkage from SV...I really need to wrap my tips one of these days....urgh!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas...

So when it came time to change from my Halloween nails, I got to thinking-what colour haven't I wore in a while ....and then remember I just got Lippmann Waking up In Vegas so thought I'd give it a try.

This is a little darker than in it true shade as taken in wee hours of the morning under artificial light.

When I first went to get Waking up in Vegas a few weeks ago, they were sold out - apparently all the rage with Lady Gaga on the cover of Vanity Fair made the polish sell out in a frenzy-so the sales lady said! So I had to patiently wait about a week til the next shipment arrived and when the SA called to let me know it arrived, I went to collect it.

If you click on the image to make it larger, you can see the stamp and holo-I promise!

This subtle colour is a little blah for me as I love colour but was a nice change from the brights and bolds I normally wear and may be appropriate if one worked in a conservative workplace-good for me, I don't have one of them jobs! These two pictures are stamped with China Glaze IDK using fauxnad IP H14. The stamp is pretty much only visible in the sun, that did peak out enough to get a couple of quick shots.

This really is too conservative for my tastes, so less than 24 hours later, stamped using Konad Special Polish Black Pearl, IP M57. The holo from IDK is slightly visible under this stamp but as the sun didn't peak out this day, I couldn't pick up the holo or sparkles in the pix.

Thanks for looking!