Thursday, March 28, 2019

Is It Spring Yet??

Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring here!  While it has been sunny, it is still bone chilling cold with lots of wind and no sight of flowers or robins or the normal indicators of spring yet, sadly.  Hopefully it's not too long before the nicer weather arrives!  At least we haven't had snow...knock on wood!  

Here's some bright nails to go along with the bright sun we've been having; even if it hasn't been overly warm. 

Started with a base of two coats of Zoya Arizona, no top coat.

Topped with a coat of Pepper Pot Polish Queen of the Galaxy (April 2018 PPU).

I had an oops moment when I realized that I had a stamper decal made so changed out the accent with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  In hindsight, the orange base would have been OK but it wasn't what I had in mind when I did my nails.

Stamped using an image from Lina Make Your Mark 04 using MdU 1, 9 and 106.  Accent is a stamper decal from Creative Shop 91 using Pepper Pot Polish Queen of the Galaxy in the center and MdU 106 for the petals.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

Hope you're having a great day and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Another Spring Mani!

Another spring mani that I did not too long ago!  

Started with some nice spring colours; OPI My Boyfriend Scales Wall, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Wet My Thistle and OPI Another Ramen-tic Evening; all two coats, no top coat.

Topped a few fingers with FingerPaints Shower With Flowers, then added a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top on all nails.

Macro of FingerPaints Shower With Flowers.  Even bar glitter which generally I'm not a fan of!  I haven't worn glitter in quite some time; I had used a peel off base to remove some glitter in the past and while I can't say for sure, I think scraping it off damaged my nails so I've been very hesitant using it again so have shied away from glitter.  Even when I used it here, I did the long soak method.  

I had made stamper decals using image from SugarBubbles SB039 and a few OPI's; applied them after applying sticky base and waited a bit for it to dry to the touch.  Unfortunately, my base polish wasn't 100% dried on the middle and I really messed up the middle finger decal.  I kinda smooshed it back in place, filled in and drew some lines and tried to salvage it as best as I could and all in all, it didn't turn out that bad.  Nothing that a coat of TC couldn't fix lol!

Top coat helped quite a bit; topped decals with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I had planned on leaving the nails like this but they didn't seem balanced as in no black on the ones that didn't have stamper decals on them, so stamped pinky and index with image from Moyra 117 Carved in Sand and shadow stamped thumb with EYNails N1 using 15 and 2.  I also used the image shrinking method with a clear stamper head to help with placement which was the first time I had attempted this with a clear stamper head and while not perfect, the line up wasn't that bad!  But the image needed to be shrunk to fit my small nails!

Moyra 117 Carved in Sand.

Finished with a final coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I'm sure there's going to be a sprinkling of snow in the next few weeks but with any luck, the warmer temperatures of spring will be upon us in no time!

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Skittle Sweater Nails

I'm trying to get my backlog of winter-ish mani's posted while they are still relevant. Relevant-ish anyway! lol.  I did these nails in the middle of our extremely cold winter.  Even though we haven't hit warm temperatures yet, I guess I have to be thankful it isn't as cold as the temperatures we had over the winter.  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Noodles Polish Whimsical Winter Woods (December 2018 PPU).  

Bottle shot of Noodles Nail Polish Whimsical Winter Woods.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using MdU 106, 112, 9, 37 and 13 (starting at thumb and going clockwise) using image from Marianne Nails n.53.

Topped with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

April the Giraffe Gives Birth!

I seen over the weekend that April the Giraffe gave birth to another baby boy on the weekend!  Congrats to Oliver and April!  In all honesty, I didn't follow this birth nearly as much as the last and didn't even know she was pregnant again until about a week ago.  I do however remember being on baby watch for what seemed like months back in 2017 so at least this time, only had to check back to the live feed a few times and seen later in the day on Saturday that the birth had taken place!  I did nails because what better a excuse to use those giraffe stamping images that I probably wouldn't use otherwise!  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Konad Sandy polish in yellow (sorry, don't know if it has a specific name; I couldn't find anything on my bottle).  As I didn't top coat these nails, I put these under nail dryer for about 10 minutes before stamping.

Stamped using images from Chez Delaney Animaux 004 (middle), Delaney Animaux A001 (pinky and index), Infinity 52 (ring) and MoYou Animal Collection-02.  I used a custom colour of stamping polish by mixing MdU 9 and 23 on the plate each time that I stamped as I didn't have quite the right shade of rusty brown stamping polish that I wanted.

MoYou London Animal Collection-02

Look!  I finally figured out my macro lens!  This was one of the first times I used it for; still needs some work but I see the possibilities of better, close up pictures!  This is a family pix; Oliver, April and new baby or could be April, Tajiri and his new brother!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Spring!!!

It's the first day of spring....well officially this afternoon at 5:58 pm!  

After a long, cold, wet and icy winter, let's hope that spring-like weather is just around the corner!  I did these nails a year ago but didn't get around to sharing them but I do think they are kinda cool so wanted to be sure to get them shared this year!  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats each of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Pretty & Polished Walking on Sunshine.

Did a sponged gradient using Pretty & Polished Walking On Sunshine and I'm Kale-ing It With This Color.  Love the gradient!

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using Lina 4 Seasons-Spring 01 (index and pinky) using Painted Polish Stamped in Greenery and Creative Shop 41 (thumb, middle and index) using FunkyFingers Gesso.

Creative Shop 41

Added few accent dots using CND Bicycle Yellow.

Decided to add dots on all fingers using same CND Bicycle Yellow.


Finished with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Pink Smooshy Floral

It looks all nice and warm outside today but it is still chilly!  Hopefully spring will arrive soon!  If only the weather was as hot as these nails!  lol.  Here's to wishing for some warmer weather soon!

Started with a smooshy stamper base using Nubar Amazon Coral, Strawberry, Caribbean Coral and FunkyFingers Gesso.  I just was thinking over the weekend that smooshy stamper method is probably one of my favourite ways to create a base for nail art.  You get some interesting base designs for not much effort.  Except cleanup!  I guess it is the next best thing for those who can't water marble (like me!)

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using Konad The Most Popular Pattern with floral accents using Marianne Nails XXL 7 using FunkyFingers Gesso.

Finished with a final coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I did Ms. Cindy just a little different; still like how she turned out though!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

These were the first nails I did for the occasion and my favourite this year.  I also did two other mani's for St. Patrick's Day based upon the polishes I used here; I liked them so much that they needed mani's of their own!  Here's what I came up with!

Polishes used starting at thumb and going clockwise; OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (2 coats), Anchor & Heart Dream Stone (2 coats), Daily Hues What Band is Next? (3 coats), OPI Envy The Adventure (2 coats) and Native War Paints Zombie Unicorns Love Brains (3), no top coat.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using images from UberChic UC mini: St. Patrick's Day (thumb, index and pinky), and Messy Mansion MM04 (middle) using MdU 1 and 37.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped ring finger using UC mini: St. Patrick's Day using Moyra Black Gel stamping polish, then rubbed gold loose powder on it and then dusted off any excess.

Stamped coins from image MoYou Festive 21 using same Moyra gel stamping polish and again rubbed on loose gold powder, rubbed it in etc.  Topped that nail with Shine Topcoat by SOPHi.

Thanks for looking!