Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Comparing Yellow Sand/Texture Polishes

I don't do too many comparison posts....I usually have the polishes but don't always get around to wearing them, never mind finding ones that may be close to's or dupey, then do swatches for comparisons.....I also think there are others out in the blogesphere (cough, cough Frazzle and Aniploish) who do it so much better! Speaking of Frazzle and Aniploish, there was a post recently when she had queried if she needed Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly when she had Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes Face the Facets. I mentioned in the post comments that I could look for the NOPI for her if she decided she needed it.  A few days later, I happen to find a full display of the NOPI Gumdrop collex including the two Canadian exclusive colours at Shoppers Drug Mart and had tweeted that if she still needed Lemon Lolly, I for sure could get it for her, and offered to swatch them to help her decide. She said that she had found one of the exclusive colours in US, but not Lemon Lolly but that swatching would be great, so I did and sent her the pix.  The next night when I sat down to do my nails, I seen them still sitting out on my desk from the swatch and I decided to do a mani using them. This is what I came up with.

Started out with two coats of Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly and Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes Face the Facets.  No topcoat.  Can you tell which is which?

The thumb, middle and pinky have Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes Face the Facets.  Index and ring have Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly.  The middle finger looks slightly different than the rest (even though it and the thumb are the same) but I think it's just light reflection.  If you look at thumb and ring for example or ring and pinky, there is no difference.  

Here's side by side bottle comparison.

Swatch sticks.  NOPI on the left; Sinful on the right.

After I did these swatches, I happen to notice Kiko 269 that seemed similar to these two.  While I didn't swatch it to compare against the Sinful and NOPI, I did take a bottle pix.  While I can't confirm without swatching, the Kiko too looks close to the other two (but is not a texture polish).

I've had an image plate sitting to the side for some time, waiting for a time that I was wearing yellow polish as base colour.  Used it as I think this flower image on it is perfect with yellow; Chez Floral 001, stamped using FUN black stamping polish.

Topped with SV.  (Do not ask me why I insist on top coating all these texture coat polishes, but I do!  I think because it seems unfinished to me....I'm not sure.  While I love all the textures, I always seem to topcoat them!)  

My final thoughts on these two?  Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes retail in US for $2.99; NOPI Gumdrops for $10.99 in Canada.  The Sinful was quite thick and I ended up thinning it after I did the swatch sticks to make application easier.  I personally liked the formula and brush on the NOPI better, but is it $8 better? I believe the bigger problem is this....Sinful isn't overly available in Canada**.  So if you live in Canada, you won't be able to get it unless you make a cross border trip or have a kind swapping buddy.  The same is true for those in USA; accordingly to Frazzle and Aniploishes post, NOPI Lemon Lolly is a Canadian exclusive, not found in USA (however, the other Canadian exclusive colour, NOPI That's What I Mint, was found by her, so perhaps these two were just exclusive in initial releases and later stocks, they were released to US?). Regardless what side of the border you are on, if you find one, you have a dupe for the other; I don't think you need both....unless you collect full collections or do comparison posts or something along these lines! 

Thanks for looking!

P.S.  I can also confirm that removal on both of these polishes is a breeze; not nearly as difficult as more 'traditional' textures.

**I've seen select colours of Sinful Colors at various retailers in Canada such as Rexall and Target; however, I've never seen the Crystal Crushes at any location.  If you have seen them and this statement is incorrect, please let me know!


  1. I want those Sinful Colors so bad and can't find them to save my life!

  2. Oh how I love this yellowness!!!!

  3. I'm sorry, I'm still not a fan of texture polishes. I'm OCD wants smooth. but the yellow is gorgeous.

  4. I'm still not lovin texture polishes, I like a smooth glossy finish. The colour of this is gorgeous... pretty much EVERY polish is hard to come by here in Australia!


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