Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Thankfulness; Day 2/Lest We Forget

Today's mani serves a dual purpose; a Remembrance Day mani as well as a thankful mani for Digit-al Dozen Thankfulness. For Day 2, I'm thankful for all those who gave their lives and continue to serve so that we enjoy the freedom we have today.

Polishes used are Pahlish Mind Like a Diamond (gray), Duri Taming of the Shrew (red) and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white), all two coats topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I applied a stamper decal I had made on the thumb from Big SdP E, then stamped on the rest of the nails using Marianne Nails n.56 (index), MoYou Gothic Collection-04 (middle), Marianne Nails n.22 (ring) and Wistonia W04 (pinky).  The black voids on both the middle and index finger did not stamp fully no matter how light or which direction I scraped on; even with trying several polishes, stampers and scrapers so I eventually gave up and just filled in any bare spots with polish and a brush.

Added a few dots to the poppy centre on the pinky, then topcoated.  I thought I had better take a pix now because I had purposely planned to stamp some letters and if I messed it up, this was the end result mani I would be showing!

Stamped using letters from Nailways Back to Basics 123 ABC for words on the thumb.  While not 100%, I didn't do too badly for Lest We...then it went downhill from there.  I stamped the F and other letters numerous times until it got to the point that if I removed the lettering anymore, I was going to remove the base polish.  I eventually got the placement of the F somewhat where I wanted and just hand painted in the rest.  (I was pretty happy with my handwriting as I have no skill with a brush and these didn't turn out that badly).   It took me longer to stamp those few letters on the thumb than doing the rest of the nails combined. (If only plate makers would do these words like I have suggested so many times!)

At this time, I touched up the poppy on the thumb a little bit, then top coated the thumb.  

I liked how this turned out, but found I couldn't get a good, clear shot of the mani so added a layer of OPI matte.  

There was no way I was attempting anything like this on my right hand; this is what I did for it.  (Please excuse the hangnails and terribly dry skin; as soon as the cold weather hit, my hands have been a disaster!)

Top coated again for wear.

Plate pix of some plates that have poppies used as well as others that I thought I might use but didn't.   

Marianne Nails n56

Marianne Nails n48

Marianne Nails n22

Vivid Lacquer VL038

MoYou Gothic Collection-04

I find as I get older, I have more appreciation for Remembrance Day, recognizing exactly how fortunate we are for the freedom we have as a result of the veterans in their fight for us as well as those who continue to serve.  I'm also thankful that my grandfather, who fought in World War II, made it home safely; otherwise, I wouldn't be here!  My grandparents had pre and post war babies; my dad was a post war baby and he (and in turn I) would not be here if my grandfather hadn't returned from war.  I don't know a whole lot (anything really) about what my grandfather did in war, where he was stationed, how long he served, etc; he never talked about his war experience even if he was asked. I'm surmising to keep the horrors he witnessed from surfacing and keeping the demons at bay.  I can only imagine how horrific it was to go through; what little I have seen from film footage from the war years is enough to visualize never mind having to fight and live through it. 

I am truly thankful for those who fought, and continue to fight, for our freedoms.  

Lest We Forget.

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  1. A beautiful tribute mani. I particularly like the poppy silhouettes.

  2. I love the index nail!! The grey polish is gorgeous as well!

  3. Gorgeous! And a fantastic tribute!

  4. really beautiful tribute - I like it matte!

  5. Fab manicure! I love that you mattified them!

  6. this is stunning in every way xx

  7. A beautiful tribute manicure. And the base polish is gorgeous!

  8. Retired Veteran here and you're welcome for my service, it was my pleasure to serve you!!!!! I was Medically released 15 years ago, after 20 years of service in the Canadian Forces. Had my spine busted up reallllly bad while on duty and I'm totally disabled now. My husband is also a Veteran, retired and our son is in the CF Special Forces. (Daughter is police officer, can't leave her out. lol)

  9. Forgot to say.....love the mani!


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