Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dance Legend Fresh Collection - 78

I have a sneaky suspicion that blue has become my favourite nail colour versus the more mainstream pink that I favoured years ago.  It's no secret I have a large amount of posts in archives as I've stated it before and my posted nails vary in length, some have hangnails, then the next day they don't!  So when I was sorting through them to figure out what to post, a good 80% of the drafts are blue in some hue or another.  I'll try to mix it up but otherwise, be prepared for a lot of blue over the next while! I probably have enough blues to do only blue posts in April for Autism Awareness like I did a a couple years ago; I might have to consider that again! Not that it matters; they are all pretty enough, it is just I do try to mix things up a bit!

Started with a base of Dance Legend Fresh Collection - 78, two coats then topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top. This looks very similar to what I have in my stash; in retrospect, I wish I had have added it to the comparisons I did with Different Dimension Wave if You Sea Me and Sinful Colors Blue By You here

Stamped using white Konad special polish using Lilic's Rendas.

Lilic's Rendas

Fixed a couple of the dots, then top coated to finish.

To see how similar these three polishes are, here is Different Dimension Wave if You Sea Me is on top; Sinful Colors Blue By You is on the bottom from the comparison I did before.

As pretty as Dance Legend Fresh-78 is, I'm kind of mad at myself for having three polishes so similar.  It was bad enough having two...but three?  Not necessary.

Thanks for looking!


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