Thursday, May 21, 2015

Digital Dozen Does Geometric, Day 5

I am super, super late getting up my Day 5 Digit-al Dozen geometric post but finally have a few minutes to get the post together!  These pix were taken a couple months ago when I was sporting nubs and I've been saving to share for now.

Started with a base of two coats of Elevation Polish Mill City Ruins.

I had the funniest thing happen as I was doing my nails.  I painted one hand, then the other.  When I went to top coat, I looked at my right hand and it was so much lighter than the left, I thought I only had put one coat of polish on it.  THEN I remembered that this was a thermal polish!  I couldn't believe the difference, one hand to the other!  Every other thermal polish I've tried, I've had to run under warm water to get thermal change (guess I'm cold blooded lol!) but for this one, one hand was cold (the left) so the darker version of the polish was on my nails; the other, was warm, so it was lighter.  It amused me so!

Starting to go from warm to cooler.

Stamped using CND Gold Chrome using Apipila P15.

Apipila P.15

Added a stud to accent.

Top coated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

I devised a way to take a pix of the two colours side by myself!  Perching my phone on the edge of my desk, with my nails just under the lens, I used my nose or tongue (tried both!) to hit the button to snap pix.  It worked!  You will not be seeing this too often lol!  It took a lot of tries to get a picture somewhat in focus.  You can see in this pix that the thermal was starting to change on my colder hand but the difference is still pretty obvious.

Here's the other ladies Day 5 geometric mani's!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Geometric; Day 4

Hopefully you've had a chance to check out all the awesome Digit-al Dozen mani's so far this week!  I'm not entirely caught up yet, but am getting there!  This is my Day 4 geometric mani!

Started with a base of two coats of OPI Slope Sweetie, no topcoat.  

Loving the gold shimmer in the base!  Attempted a gradient using assortment of 10.1 Polish jellies.  I was hoping that the gold would show through the jellies; it's a little visible but not as much as I was hoping.  I will have to try to remember to have a lighter hand next time!

Stamped using MJ XXV using Funky Fingers Dark Knight.

Top coated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish. 

The shimmer was a little bit more obvious in day light!

Here's the other ladies Day 4 mani's!  I will get Day 5 posted sometime over the weekend (hopefully!). Have a great weekend; maybe you are lucky and it's a long weekend like for me!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Geometric; Day 3

It's Day 3 of Digit-al Dozen week...for me anyway!  I was hoping I'd be caught up with my posts by now but it doesn't seem it's going to happen at least for today.  I will get there so thanks ladies in DD for being patient with me!

These are the nails I'm sporting right now which doesn't happen too often when I post. I didn't have any plan on sharing them as part of Digit-al Dozen week as I have way more than five designs that would be suitable for the theme, but I really liked how they turned out so thought I would share now for Day 3!

When I sat down to do my nails a couple nights ago, I didn't have any idea of what I was going to wear. (This is typical.  It usually takes me more time to pick out plates and polishes than to do my nails!)  So I was looking through my plates and polishes hoping something would inspire me.  But it never.  So as I was looking through the plates for something to use, I was thinking that I haven't heard from nailxchange (fellow stamping blogger) for some time; we would occasionally text each other and as she is a night owl like me, it would be the norm for us to text about this time of night as we would both be up (midnightish). Thinking about not hearing from her, reminded me of her telling me once that silver is her neutral; when she needs a palate cleanser, silver is what she reaches for.  So I thought, I'm going to wear silver!  This is two coats of Sally Hansen Celeb City, no top coat. 

Added a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using Born Pretty L003 using Funky Fingers Gesso.

Added a couple white studs that had just came in the mail (so excited for these; I'm in this newish to me phase of wanting studs on nails lately!).  

Top coated to finish.

Thought that the silver polish might tone down a little with matte top coat, so added a coat of OPI matte.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Geometric; Day 2

This is my Day 2 mani for the geometric theme for Digit-al Dozen challenge week!

Started with two coats of Essie Blossom Dandy, no topcoat.

Once Blossom Dandy dried enough, stamped on Essie Garden Variety.  I think this is my most successful sponged gradient yet!

Clean up wasn't too bad though.  I'm not sure what takes longer; clean up or the dry time for the liquid latex. 

Top coated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using Funky Fingers Gesso using an image from MoYou Fashionista Collection-04.

MoYou Fashionista Collection-04

Top coated to finish.  

Here's the other ladies Day 2 geometric desings.  I'm still a day behind but hopefully I'll catch up before the week is over!

Thanks for looking!