Friday, April 13, 2012

Holiday Nails

Using the pix of the water from my past trip to St. Lucia for inspiration for this mani as mentioned in my last post, I did a water themed mani.  This is what I came up with.

Base polishes used where Butter London Slapper; two coats.

Topped with a coat of Zoya Maisie.

Stamped using H20 and (thumb and pinky), SdP 17 (ring), and Big SdP J (middle and index) using Konad special blue polish on all fingers except the index. 

I was disappointed how faint the Konad blue stamped so decided to see if I could come up with something a little darker.  For the index finger, I dabbed in a little Konad Royal Purple special polish with the blue and mixed them up on the plate a bit to get a slightly darker outline.

Layered on more stamping using Konad M82 (fish on thumb and pinky), and H20 (turtle) using Konad Yellow special polish.  (Before Fingers comments on the post...I know fish and turtles aren't yellow! lol!)

Added the boat from H20 on the ring finger, using Konad white for the outline of the boat and Konad Yellow for the sun. 

I did a white boat because I went out into the ocean on a white catamaran when I was in St. Lucia...the small one you see in the pix below to the far left was the one I went out on.  This was a pix I snapped when he was coming onto the beach and before we went out on the water.....the pix from my last post of the water was taken when I was out on it. We did some snorkeling off of it to see turtles and fish...unfortunately, I don't have a waterproof camera so no pix.  The catamaran ride was actually one of the highlights of my trip...I love the water and love being out on it!

Have a great weekend...and thanks for looking! 


  1. Very very pretty mani! Love the stamping.

  2. Very cute. I love it. I like the colors you used for the stamping.

  3. I am loving the thumb design!!!! So freakin cool!

  4. Love the the pops of yellow in this--the turtle & fish nails are my favorites!

  5. I love the stamping layers. It gives your mani such great depth!!
    And I really like the theme and colors :-D
    Definitely my kind of vacation!

  6. Spectacular mani, I just love it!!!

  7. This is such an awesome mani! Love the colorful fish and turtle :)

  8. Very nicely done, the different layers gives a great depth!

  9. Brilliant design!


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