Monday, March 28, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Does Spring!

This is the mani I did for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Spring challenge; I guess this is the closest I'll get this year to an Easter mani!  

I started by making these stamper decals using images from UberChic Yay Spring! (daffodils, lilies and Easter Rabbit with basket), Moyra Stamping Plate 14-Moments (brown rabbits) and MJ II (tulips) and acrylic paints.  I had to shrink the daffodils, lilies and rabbits using the UberChic Luxe stamper (and even with this shrinking, the three rabbits were still too big for my nails).  

UberChic Yay Spring!

I did a sponged gradient using Girly Bits It's Hoop To Be Square, Girly Bits Dreaming Tree and Girly Bits Blue Christmas.  No pix as on two fingers, the gradient was really bad; for some reason, when I was deepening the sponging, it was taking off more polish than it was putting on especially on the middle finger and the tip of the thumb.  I had planned on placing the rabbit on the middle anyway and it covered most of it but just not picture worthy.

The images used were UberChic UC Yay Spring! (thumb, ring and words on index). Moyra 14 (middle) and MJ II (pinky).   While I thought the little Easter Bunny and basket was super cute, it just didn't look like it went with the vibe on the nails once I starting applying the decals so I didn't end up using it and went with the words on the index finger instead.  You may notice on the plate pix or maybe have read about it out there on the blogesphere that the image on the plate that is suppose to say "Yay Spring!" is actually "Yay Srping!". I individually stamped on the S, then the p, then the r, then ing! using a clear stamper.  Some of the r and n came off and actually went onto the stamper when I stamped on the butterfly, so I just painted them in to fill as well as dotted the I because it didn't stamp initially.  The butterflies and dragon fly are from Infinity 171. I also cut down the decal on the pinky to make it fit a little better, although now seeing these pictures, I wish I had have noticed that I cut off some leaves! 

Infinity 171

Here's the other ladies Spring mani's!

The holiday lover in me can't believe I didn't eek in an Easter mani; I guess next year, I'll have to start right after Valentine's Day or St. Pat's just to make sure I have a couple!  

Thanks for looking!


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