Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Coco-Essie Winter 2010 Collection

My local beauty supply store had the new winter collection in when I stopped by last picked a few of the new polishes. While I got Smokin Hot and Going Incognito, I decided to go with Hot Coco.

Stamped using China Glaze Passion, using Konad IP m44 for the tip and fauxnad GCOCL K04 for flower. This was my first time using the tip image plate and I don't think I did too shabby in lining up the stamp..except the middle finger! I was concerned how it would look on my oval shaped nails, but not too terrible, even though I think the tip images look nicer on a square shaped nail...its just my nails don't look good shaped square! Who knows, maybe oval doesn't suit me either!

Here's with no stamping...excuse those few water drops from a quick wash to get rid of acetone feeling on my fingers after cleanup!

And the stamping in progress...just flower before the tip!

Quick image of the fauxnad plate-the flower I used is near the blue dot on the picture.

All in all, I'm just OK on this mani. I thought I'd love a brown polish, but as I like to rock much brighter colours, it is a little subdued for me. A nice change, but not me. I did try using black polish to stamp first on my left hand, and it didn't show up that well, in my humble opinion should anyone want to know!

Thanks for looking!


  1. i love , love, love it! - ive always wanted to use that fauxnad flower! this article just made me want to reach for my nail varnish remover and redo my mani, so that i could experiment with it! <3 nice mani


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