Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas...

So when it came time to change from my Halloween nails, I got to thinking-what colour haven't I wore in a while ....and then remember I just got Lippmann Waking up In Vegas so thought I'd give it a try.

This is a little darker than in it true shade as taken in wee hours of the morning under artificial light.

When I first went to get Waking up in Vegas a few weeks ago, they were sold out - apparently all the rage with Lady Gaga on the cover of Vanity Fair made the polish sell out in a frenzy-so the sales lady said! So I had to patiently wait about a week til the next shipment arrived and when the SA called to let me know it arrived, I went to collect it.

If you click on the image to make it larger, you can see the stamp and holo-I promise!

This subtle colour is a little blah for me as I love colour but was a nice change from the brights and bolds I normally wear and may be appropriate if one worked in a conservative workplace-good for me, I don't have one of them jobs! These two pictures are stamped with China Glaze IDK using fauxnad IP H14. The stamp is pretty much only visible in the sun, that did peak out enough to get a couple of quick shots.

This really is too conservative for my tastes, so less than 24 hours later, stamped using Konad Special Polish Black Pearl, IP M57. The holo from IDK is slightly visible under this stamp but as the sun didn't peak out this day, I couldn't pick up the holo or sparkles in the pix.

Thanks for looking!


  1. muito bonito

  2. Your zebra print made me think of an idea: Do you have any beige/sand/light brown polish that you could paint your nails, and then stamp them with patterns of dark brown paw prints/cats/dogs etc.? You have the best length nails ever.


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