Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Lengthy Manicure....

I had some time to spare on Saturday so I thought I'd just experiment a little. This is what I came up with:

It was a lonnngggg road...for me at least....I don't usually have this much time to try things out!

Started with two coats of KleanColor Neon Sapphire:

This polish was $3/10 at Designer Cosmetics at local mall....not too shabby!

Then two coats of Essie Matte About You:

I wasn't sure what I was gonna stamp it with, so here's my right hand with China Glaze L8R G8R, OMG, LOL and then Konad Special Polishes metallic purple and purple (was trying to see the contract versus the shiny and regular finish with the Konad polish stamping).

Settled on China Glaze OMG, using IP XL B.

I actually didn't mind it too much like this but then I had heard about all the stories about mattes being chippy and as I didn't want to redo, I ended up topping with a coat of SV...I'm glad I did cause I like it like this best! LOL! But, it was fun to experiment with the matte topcoat!

Lastly, thanks so much to everyone who entered my very first giveaway, which is now closed! There's a lot of votes to tabulate but I'm going to start counting them and hope to have the results posted soon! Thanks very very much for anyone who stopped by to look at my little blog and Good Luck!!!


  1. reminds me of a peacock feather!

  2. Ficou muito bonito mesmo, está de parabéns!!!


  3. love the matte blue, I dont own any matte polishes but they look great!


  4. GORGEOUS!!!

    sometimes I do my nails...dont like what I stamped take it off and do it all over again...of course this is when I have time...which is almost never =(

    $3/10 no way....that's super duper cheap!

  5. I love it.
    This pattern is gorgeus. I love color, too.
    xoxo :)

  6. Beautiful! I agree with Cathryn, it looks like a peacock feather!

  7. I love Kleancolors, and your mani is superb!

  8. Wow, that looks great! Thanks for sharing the "tryouts", too.

  9. this is such a beautiful combination!


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