Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nautical Theme+100 Follower Giveaway Reminder

Keeping with the nautical theme of the upcoming China Glaze Anchors Away collex, here's Sea Spray....and Essie Sag Harbor!

I got to looking at Sea Spray and I thought....hmmmm, this looks like something I already have.....and low and behold, its pretty close to Essie Sag Harbor.

Here's the mani before stamping. Take a look - which fingers are China Glaze Sea Spray and which fingers are Essie Sag Harbor?

The thumb, middle and pinkie are China Glaze Sea Spray; ring and index fingers are Essie Sag Harbor.

If you do a side by side bottle comparison, there is a slight variance in the two, but swatched, my untrained eye couldn't tell the difference with two coats. I'm not going to say these two are 100% exact-there are plenty of much more knowledgeable bloggers who have a better eye for this and will provide their comments once they have the bottles to swatch-but to me, the difference is minimal. Good news for anyone who wasn't able to find Sag Harbor when it came out - I know I went thru a lot trying to find it!

Used fauxnad IP's hb45, h20, mw50, and amisy f05 with Konad special polishs in pearl blue, apple green, yellow, blue, royal purple and Beautiful Scratchers stamping hot pink polish. (This hot pink is an incredible find for anyone (like me!) who has been searching high and low for a hot pink that stamps well...much better then Konad's psyche pink by far in my humble opinion! I can't wait to use it in more mani's to come!)

And thanks so much to everyone again has stopped by and entered my first giveaway for 100 followers....if you haven't already entered, do so here until Jan 22 2011!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice...I'm think of getting CG Sea Spray.
    Where do you purchase amisy plates?


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