Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Time Using RBL

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas. I only have a few RBL's; whatever I've been fortunate to swap for....which reminds me, I seem to recall that Frazzle and Aniploish has RBL Ann and Locavore offered in a giveaway that I forgot to enter so I need to get over there as soon as I post this and enter! (I just have to decide which one I'm going to tick off in the ballot...and I can't remember if I already have Ann; I meant to check my stash to see which is why I haven't entered already! But I *think* maybe it's RBL Catherine I have, not Ann...or is it Catherine H?....maybe to be safe, I'll enter for Locavore!! Maybe I need to get working on that polish spreadsheet....!)

Two coats of RBL Mismas. This was super shiny even without topcoat. I remember taking these pictures and being freaked out as I could see my image mirrored in my nails....I sure hope the image isn't visible if you click on them as you'll see this gal in her pj's and housecoat pointing the camera!

Anyway, on top of Mismas, I added some glitter using NYX Girls Grand Royale, then a little NYX Bejewelled at very tip edge for a little something different. Experimenting I was. I think there might even be a little NYX Silver Glitter mixed in there too.

Then stamped using Nicole by OPI Give Me the 1st Dance using GCOCL K04.

A bit of housekeeping...blogkeeping as you will...December is always a busy time of year and to top it off, I'm working on a special project. I will be posting regularly and checking out all the awesome mani's in the blogesphere but you will see a little bit of everything posted for the next little while including unposted mani's of the past; I have Christmas mani's already done but not yet posted; have LOTS OF NEW plates on order so you may see those mani's pop up as I get them, probably some new layering manis as I now have received my group order of Lynnderellas...and a few other things mixed in for good measure, I'm sure!! My nail length is going to be all over the place as one post could be a mani from a couple months ago and the next what I'm wearing that I keep on growing them, cutting them, filing them funny, cutting get the drift!

Thanks for looking! And don't forget to enter Frazzle and Aniploish's giveaway here that ends tomorrow..... but please don't enter for RBL Ann or Locavore to better my chances-joking!!! lol! (decisions, decisions!)


  1. Everything I could say is... they're awesome! I'm really dumbstruck by them... This color is really beautiful and it's shiny as you said... awesome indeed.
    Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.
    A Face Obscura
    Endeavour 11

  2. Hi!!
    I loved the tips, looks really festive!
    The stamping is great! Amazing job!


  3. wow! This mani looks gorgeous!

  4. This is very beautiful! I love the combination of the purple polish and the glitter. Gorgeous!

  5. Beauuutiful glitter gradient! As always, of course

  6. I dont own any RBL's this one is lovely and your mani is super cute!

  7. The sparkly tips on this manicure look so pretty!

  8. So pretty! You really inspired me!

  9. Oh yeah-I can see those jammies right on your nail!!! HAHAHAHA! I have Mismas and LOVE it!

  10. I've never tried RBL, but I really like this color. I also love the sponged glitter tips!

  11. Thanks for the linkage! This mani is right up my alley--purple and glitter together. :)

    Sorry your number didn't come up in my drawing. I certainly hope we'll do another swap before too long so we'll have to be sure to get some RBL in there!

  12. Lol @ seeing you relected in pjs and housecoat! This is a fabulous color on you!

  13. I'm pretty sure that you already have it, but I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. :D


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