Friday, December 2, 2011

Halloween Mani Using Plates from Giveaway!

As you may recall, my recent giveaway includes five image plates provided by Beautiful Scratchers (BS). This is an unposted mani I did at Halloween using S8 from the plates.

While I had emailed Beautiful Scratchers to buy them, as they are a local GTA company in my area, Jenna delivered a set of them to my office along with some new metallic polishes that I had seen on her esite. When we met, she was good enough to offer a set of her new image plates as a giveaway for my blog so this is why I'm able to offer them as part of the giveaway!

From what I gathered in our conversation, Jenna actually created these stamping plates - you will not find these exact designs on any other plates or be able to buy any place other than Beautiful Scratchers. I acknowledge though that there are similar designs (ie more than one pumpkin or Hello Kitty image out there!)

Jenna has also created a whole bunch of stamping polishes. I found her company about two or more years now while surfing ebay looking for alternatives to Konad special polishes (they too expensive, frustrated as some didn't stamp well as well as looking for more colour options). This was well before I started blogging or even surfing the net for stamping sites. I guess I wasn't smart or creative enough to realize that other polishes might well for stamping!

Since that day a few years ago, Jenna and I have met up a few times as I've bought more of her products. I've also been lucky enough to get samples here and there of new colours she had been working on developing (like the hot pink which stamps well, unlike Konad's hot pink, which is why I just bought a full size bottle). I always adore meeting up with Jenna as its great to speak to someone in real life who has a passion about stamping like me!

The polishes that I used for this mani are Wet n Wild Black Creme (thumb), Icing The Golden Age of Glitter (on black base); Revlon Alluring Amber (orange base); Icing Pumpkin (orange glitter on orange base), Misa Green with Envy (green base); Misa Disco Green (green glitter on green base), CND Eclectic Purple (purple base), Claire's Diva Purple (purple glitter on purple base) Wet n Wild Red (red base), Generation Red glitter (glitter on red base). Stamped using BS IP S8 using Black Konad special polish and Nicole by OPI Positive Energy.

My giveaway is here. This image plate as well as the rest of the Beautiful Scratchers plates and polishes can be seen here. I again acknowledge and thank Beautiful Scratchers for donating this as a prize for my giveaway!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love it. You live in the GTA? So do I lol. It's nice knowing there are fellow nail bloggers near by.

  2. Whoa, your nail art is always so insane and complex! I love it. I also really like the colors before stamping as well! It's a joy to look at :D

  3. Glad this made it out of unposted status! Love the glitter tips, and that ghost on your pinky is super!

  4. this is an aweeeesome stamping job! its so sweet of her to have delivered it in person.


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