Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Color Club Cloud Nine

When in doubt, wear holo seems to be my motto lately....it seems whenever I can't decide on a colour of polish to wear or when I'm pressed for time, I reach for a holographic polish of some shade. This time, I decided upon Color Club Cloud Nine.

One coat of Color Club Cloud Nine, no top coat. 

Perfect for a base for stamping; the one coat dries in no time at all.

Stamped using Konad special black polish using SdP 72.

I really like this image for stamping; interesting, classy, and perfect to see the base polish underneath.  Some interest could be added to the dots; the swirls could also be embellished upon with glitter..... if I had a Top 20 of images, I'm sure this image would be one of them!  But I could never do this.....it's like asking me which one of my kids I love best!

Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry (aka the one in the black bottle).

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the stamp but the holo... omg it`s so beautifull!
    Love all manis you do!
    Please visit me in my blog;


  2. That looks great!! I love that image!! Now I need to go google that plate! lol I love the Color Club holos oh so much!

  3. Love it! I'm wearing this polish today too :-)

  4. OMG, looks stunning!
    I'm amazed: it's perfect solo but with the pattern... WOW!

  5. These holos just make me drool on myself and forget my name!

  6. This looks amazing! I need to try stamping over a holo. Need to get more holos first! :-)

  7. Awesome holo! and perfect stamping as always

  8. I love how in your face this holo is. I had been passing these over in favour of the new ChG collection but they are so disappointing so I might have to go back and revisit these.

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  10. Elizabeth: I'm lving these; can't wait to get the 2013 ones!

    I'm on the fence about the China Glaze holos; I haven't seen a pix with decent holo yet. :(

  11. This is really pretty! I love the holo!!


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