Friday, June 21, 2013

Gradient Holo

While I reallllllyyyyyy wanted to do my 70's inspired nails a couple nights ago when I did this mani (yes, I'm still going to do them even though I'm very late for the FB AiS challenge), I know that are going to be very bright and funky (well, that's what I have planned in my head; hopefully, bright and funky translates onto my nails too!), I thought they wouldn't be that appropriate for a work meeting I had to attend, so decided to do nails somewhat more subdued.  My first thought was a neutral holo with subtle stamping which is how the mani started.... but I went a little further.....this is how they ended!

Started with a base of two coats of Aly's Dream Polish Unbleached (#61).

While this is pretty enough and like I said, I was just going to do some simple stamping on top of it, I decided to do a holo gradient so added two coats of Aly's Dream Polish Copper (#64) two on two thirds of the nail.  (If I had have had more time, I would have sponged these gradients on for a more subtle line of polishes and a more blended in look, but I knew I'd be stamping over it and didn't have the time to wait for drying, etc. for the sponging.)

Added two coats of Aly's Dream Polish Cherry Coke (#32) at the tips.  This has no topcoat, nor was topcoat used in between layers.

After waiting about 15 minutes (including 5 minutes under a hand dryer), I stamped with black Konad special polish using SdP 92. 

Topped with SV (after terrible cleanup, I see!).

Here's the mani in different lighting.  I'm still wearing this mani today; these pix are more accurate in colour but don't show the holo as well.

A pix taken outside the next day.  The holo is much more pronounced than shown though.  Not a very good pix unfortunately.

Aly's Dream Polishes are sold here! 

Even though these may not be ultra professional....or even a business neutral nail, I work in a somewhat relaxed business atmosphere so can pretty much do anything for work.  In any event, I'm sure these nails would have been more subtle than the bright and funky 70's I wanted to do!

Have a fantastic weekend...thanks for looking!


  1. Oh this design is so great! And holos just never seem to be as shiny on pictures as they are in real life, but they still look great !

  2. This is beautiful!! I love these colors together!

  3. Oh this is lovely! I love the holo gradient!

  4. Really pretty! I need to do a gradient and stamp over it, I'm getting jealous of everyone else's manicures haha


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