Monday, June 17, 2013

Jade Mystic Gold with New Plates!

I had planned that today's posted mani would be some funky cool 70's nails for the FB Adventures in Stamping challenge, which I planned on doing last night.  But my normal 1.5 hour drive from cottage country turned into almost 3.5 hours because of an accident on the 401....and when I finally made it home, I had to make a salad and dessert for my daughters end of school class luncheon for the time I had a chance to do my nails, it was well after midnight and while I could have easily done them time wise, the pounding headache I had most of the day was still present and I just wasn't in the mood to do my nails.  I do plan on doing it as I already have the plates set aside....and hopefully it will turn out funky cool!.....but maybe later in the week....for now, thought I'd share a mani I did last week instead.

Started with a base of two coats of Jade holografico Mystic Gold, no topcoat.  Couple different lighting options.  Mystic Gold leaned more green on my skintone than told; the pix above is more accurate in colour (the pix below shows better holo though!)

Stamped using LS-20 with an accent of LS-19 using black Konad special polish.

Topped with SV; again, a couple different lighting options.

Here's a couple pix of the plates...notice my new hightech plate background? lol.  Better than the mess of plates and polishes that were in previous pictures!

The Lesly series of plates are available from Stamping Nail Art on FB.  Pictures of the rest of the 20 piece set, as well as a newly released 10 piece set, can be seen here.  There's also a Pinterest site of mani's here!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend; thanks for looking!


  1. I love the stamping on this background!!! And now I'm heading over to buy these fantastic plates!!!!

  2. P.s. how do I buy these plates??? It's all in Russian!!

    1. If you message the gal, her English is good.

  3. Wow, der Nagellack ist ja richtig toll!! Wenn man solcher hier nur bekommen könnte - das wäre toll.

  4. Love this one.... you did a really cute choice with this stamping and that base!

  5. love the stamping! and the holo is gorgeous...

  6. Saw these on FB Adventures in Stamping. They're gorgeous!

  7. Wow those plates are amazing! I love your combo with the green / yellow holo base.

  8. Wow!!! The background colour it's beautiful :)

  9. Wonderful! I hate to think what my attempt at stamping after midnight would look like. :)

  10. Stunning nail polish and nail art! :)


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