Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Thankfulness; Day 3

We are in the middle of Digit-al Dozen Thankfulness week; for Day 3, I'm thankful for reading! I've always been a reader; as a young teen, I spent many a day or night at the local library picking out books to read over the three weeks before they had to be returned.  Nowadays, I'm more of a weekend reader; one of my greatest sources of relaxation, especially during the summer, is sitting on the deck, drinking my coffee, reading a book.  I also like to read just before going to sleep. Or sitting by the pool.  Come to think of it, there aren't too many places I won't read as long as I have the time.  I don't usually read during the week because I'm the kind of can't-put-a-book-down-once-I-start-reading kind of reader (especially if it's a real page turner; I will keep on reading until it's finished) and before I know it, it's 3, 4 or 5 am and I'm turning out the light to sleep when I have be up for 7 am.  I have no restraint so I purposely don't read during the week now but there was a time when I was a young adult that I read every night until the wee hours of the morning.  But having kids quickly changed that!  But now, there is nothing better than a good book to clear my mind of the weeks work hassle; I so look forward to it on weekends.

Started with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff topped with a layer of Elevation Aguja St. Exupery then topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I checked my plate stash for plates that had book/reading images on them.  While these aren't all them, here are a few.

Messy Mansion MM24

Vivid Lacquer VL029

Marianne Nails n.52

MoYou Scholar Collection-02


Decided upon images from MoYou Scholar Collection-02 (thumband pinky), Messy Mansion  MM24 (middle and index), MJ JR-2 (ring).  For the stamping colour, I wanted a dark grey to mimic the type in books; I thought Konad black was too dark.  So I frankened a colour by mixing Mundo de Unas 34 and black to get this darker grey.  Not 100% what I had in mind but not as stark as Konad black.

Added words using Konad red special polish using words from Vivid Lacquer VL029 on thumb, ring and pinky.

Topped with KBShimmer to finish.

Decided to add OPI matte.

I also have a reader confession; I rarely take note of an author or book title. There's a few authors that I like, mainly because of their writing style or easy reading as I'm not into any heavy, deep thinking reading; that being said, I'm not a sappy romance reader either!  I have a couple favourite book series, The Outlander Series and The Clan of the Bear Cave come to mind, so had to take note of the author to source the rest of the series.  But for the most part, just read whatever looks interesting by the book jacket.  I'm sure this is some type of reading sin, but that's what I do! Also, despite putting thriller and poetry on my nails, they too are some of my least favourite type of reads.  In fact, I have no interest whatsoever in poetry; I'd want to read poetry about as much as I'd want a root canal!

Here's what the other ladies are thankful for on Day 3.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really love the pop of red - it makes everything stand out!

  2. Love this design! The glitters and the pop of red are amazing!

  3. I love this mani SO much and so jealous of all those book stamps .... off to check availability now! xx

  4. Very nice...I love the pops of red!


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