Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My "Badge" to Support Indie Polish Makers

Unless you've been vacation in the middle of the desert or on top of a mountain or some remote location without internet or just haven't been online for some reason, I'm sure you've heard of the terrible issues some people have been having with some Mentality Polishes.  I won't go into details here; there are many bloggers who have already covered extensively what is happening and it's being talked about in most FaceBook polish groups as well.  I don't have anything to add, nor have any background, history or knowledge to add anything meaningful to what's being said.  So if you aren't aware and want to know, google Mentality Polish Issues for more information.

What I do know is that there are people who are now questioning if their other indie polishes are safe.  I can't speak for indie polish makers nor can I claim all indie polishes are safe; I know nothing about making polish (indie or otherwise) or the chemistry of what effects what, what short or long term effects there is with any polish; I'm just a simple end user who loves all the sparkling things!  I do know that I've been buying indie polish for a long time; from a lot of makers, and have never had an issue that has damaged my nails (I'm not talking about polish staining here lol!). I do hope what is happening is isolated to the one brand, the cause be determined and it never, ever happen it again. 

I believe my first indie purchase was probably Lynderella but could easily have been Girly Bits, CrowsToes, Elevation, Pahlish, Contrary, Smitten, Hare, just to name a few as I know I was buying them all up around the same time!  Or what seems in my memory to be around the same time as this was a few years ago. More recent polish brands include cbl, Glam, Love, Angeline, Different Dimension, Lacquistry, Nail Pattern Boldness, KBShimmer, Emily de Molly, Shimmer, Chaoes & Crocs....but there are so many other brands; I can't even remember all those indie brands that I own!  I also know that I can't speak for other bloggers or polish makers or even for you but I do know myself that I feel comfortable wearing indie polish and will continue to support my favourite makers in the future.  Heck, I've placed three indie polish orders in the last couple days and am eagerly awaiting sales to open on a few new collections in the next week or so! I'm not going to endorse any brand specifically; I don't know how polish is made and what effects if any will be known from the use of polish down the road nor can I say definitely there will be no other problems in the polish world and would hate to say support brand x and then something to happen..... but I do know that I myself won't stop wearing or buying indie polishes because of what is happening now in the indie polish world. 

So when I sat down to do my nails last night and was searching through plates, my eye caught the wording on an UberChic plate and the thought went into my head of what the nails of the night would be.  I quickly pulled a few indie polishes; this is what I came up with!

Started with a base of a skittle of polishes.  Starting at thumb and going clockwise, they are Elevation Polish Ubsunur At Night, Pahlish Train Under Water, Different Dimension Da Ba Dee (blue), CrowsToes Blue Christmas and Girly Bits Prototype 446. (Above pix is just for reference; not in correct order of application.  I did plan on wearing them in that order but changed my mind and was too lazy to take another picture.)  All are two coats except Blue Christmas which is three.  I want to stress that while I have five brands here, it was just a random sampling of what I thought would look OK for a mani; I only wish I had many more fingers to share the love for the other indie brands I own!

Top coated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  (More indie love; KBShimmer Clearly on Top has been my go to top coat for quite a while now.  My only beef is they won't ship to Canada but I grab as many as I can via Harlow & Co. when I order if they happen to be in stock.)

Stamped using Uber Chic 1-03 on all fingers except middle which is Uber Chic 4-01 using FunkyFingers Gesso. Unfortunately, even with side stamping the words, I couldn't quite get the words to stamp all on my nails as I do find the images a little large for my nails.  Even "the" missed most of my nail but I removed what stamped then restamped just the single word onto the nail.

Uber Chic 4-01

Top coated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

Thanks for looking....and I hope you continue to support your favourite indie polish maker(s)!


  1. Love your support the Indies mani! I will also continue to support Indies mostly because well they just do it better. I think that the Mentality fiasco is isolated, and to lump all indie companies together is just silly! It's the same as saying that if a certain race commits a crime against you, and then you're now scared of the whole entire race, just ludicrous!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love all the blues you used. I'll always support indie polish makers. There are so many spectacular ones out there.

  3. Love your mani! I recently started trying out Indies this year and I absolutely love them. I will continue to support them and won't let one rotten apple be the definition of them all.


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