Thursday, September 17, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Re-creation of Digit-al Dozen; Day 4

What do you do when business meeting coincides having to do a mani for Digit-al Dozen challenge week? Something neutral but still following the theme, of course!  When I sat down to do my nails a couple nights ago, I knew I had this meeting planned but was still in the midst of doing my challenge nails as I'm not nearly as organized as some of the other ladies in having them done in advance. So went with some neutral lace stamping!

Several ladies have done versions of lace nails for various themes for Digit-al Dozen challenges (one of which I ironically have already copied, ahem, re-created) but because I'm not recreating any stamped mani's this week, my inspiration was from Vic and her Nails; this was her mani.  

I had already done lace and roses before in this mani....

.....which ironically was inspired from another Digit-al Dozen member, Sassy Shelly here ..... I took some artistic freedoms and went with a slightly different lace and floral pattern.   I had received Dance Legend Melange earlier in the week and thought it would be a neutral base for the meeting and thought lace stamping would work.  This is two coats of Dance Legend Melange 280, no top coat.

Added coat of GirlyBits What A Rush QD Top Coat before stamping.  If you've read my blog (actually read it, and not looked at the pictures; I know it happens!), I've been a long time user of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  It's been my go to quick dry top coat for some time.  But I decided to add a bottle of GirlyBits What A Rush QD TC (aka GBWARQDTC) to my last Girly Bits order for a couple reasons:  KBShimmer doesn't ship to Canada and it's not always in stock when I need it at Harlow & Co.  Even though I try to hoard it, with the 5 bottle maximum order, there are times that my fingers get twitchy when I'm down to my last bottle and wonder if it will be stocked in time before I need it.  The other reason, and I realize this is no fault of Harlow & Co., is the recent price increase due to the falling dollar.  But with GB QD selling at $6.50 a bottle versus KBShimmer at Harlow, selling for $9, there's quite a bit of savings with the GirlyBits QD.  

In terms of use, my first impression of using GBWARQDTC is favourable; it dried comparable to KBShimmer in that I applied it, took a few pix for the blog and it was dry to stamp.  As I do my nails late at night before heading to sleep, I applied last coat of top coat, then essentially brush my teeth and went to bed and am happy to report that there were no sheet marks the next morning so it was good and dry. It provided good shine, didn't smear the stamping and there was no shrinkage.  I'll be continuing with my testing of GBWARQDTC over the next little while and report back in case any one is interested. I want to stress that this change is strictly due to supply and money; I have no issue with KBShimmer product or Harlow & Co. (having just placed an order of mainly KBShimmer products at Tuesday's restock from Harlow including a couple bottles of Clearly on Top) but I do go through quite of bit of QD TC doing my nails 5+ times a week and every little bit helps (towards buying more plates and polish lol!) 

Stamped image from EDM13 using Funky Fingers Dark Knight.

Emily de Molly EDM13

Added coat of GirlyBits What A Rush QD Top Coat.  Decided to add a few studs to accent and finish, which is in first pix; I'd gladly show another pix but my posts are too long as it is!

Here's the other ladies Day 4 mani's!

Thanks for looking!

*edited original post to correct polish name


  1. Love the lace! Did anyone in the meeting notice? :)

  2. Great manicure! I like your stamping plate!

  3. I love this newest version, so classy and pretty!

  4. Totally awesome. I found your "inspiration" better than the original creation. And what a gorgeous base polish <3


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