Thursday, September 3, 2015

Glam Polish Batch 4

More indie love!  Hopefully you are enjoying this smattering of indie polishes over the last few posts; I'm not sure how many more I'll be posting even though I have lots still to share....let's say I'll continue at least until Digit-al Dozen week which is September 14th so hopefully you can tolerate it until then lol!  If you need more indie love, on my excessively long listof sidebar links, look for Indie Polishes; there are 189 other times I've used indie polishes on the blog.  I probably have a good 1889 other indies polishes still to share at some point....and counting!  Indie polish is not going away from this blog!

One of my favourite indie brands is Glam Polish; this is what's on my nails right now!  My nails seem so short as I cut them back a couple nights ago but I have been loving this mani so much, I'm now on Day 3 of wearing it which is a long time for me!

This is one coat of Glam Polish Batch 4, no topcoat in this pix.  It is a gorgeous teal with holo and fine glitter throughout.  And a one coater to top it off!   

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top before stamping.

Stamped with an image from MoYou Illusion Collection-02 using Funky Fingers Gesso.  This is one of those images that I'm always hesitant to use because when you aren't exactly centred, it is verrrrry obvious but my placement wasn't too had thanks to a squishy stamper!

MoYou Illusion Collection-02

Topped with KBShimmer to finish.  I was pleased that the stamping polish didn't tinge as sometimes happens with these colours.  

While I can't say for certain, I believe these batch polishes were one time releases (although I do know some where available when the second round of batch polishes were sold because I might have bought one or two that I missed the first time!).  Unfortunately, unless you swap or buy on secondary market, there are no more to be had.  The good thing is that they are prototypes for Glam Polish so there might be something available that is close in the shop or coming up for sale!

Thanks for looking!

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