Thursday, June 16, 2016

Digit-al Dozen Does Rainbows; Day 3

Today is Flag Day so I combined Day 3 of Digit-al Dozen rainbow challenge and came up with a variety of flags including the LGPT Flag to make it challenge appropriate!

Started by making assortment of stamper decals using MdU polishes and acrylic paints.  I did the rainbow flag a couple nights ago and as a result it was a little on the brittle side so some of the paint flaked off but it wasn't the easiest to make so I decided to use it anyway.  I can't begin to say how much time I spent on that one image; looking up line plates then measuring them against my nail to see that six lines would fit, tried making lines using nail vinyls, then used nail stencils; after lots of trial and error and placement, went with Chez Divers 003.  Did three stripes using the image, then filled in the lines using other colours.  Also used images from MoYou Tourist Collection 02 (American flag), MoYou N16 (Union Jack), Chez Divers 003 (LGBT flag), MoYou Tourist Collection 03 (flag of France), Konad A1 (Australian flag) and CNF Custom with Fig Tree (Canadian flag).  

I used a clear stamper for the first time for the American flag and I have to say, it is so nice to see everything as you go along; I'll have to keep it in mind for stamper deals in the future!  After I applied a couple of the stamper decals onto the nail, I noticed little bits that were missed as I paint onto a dark base but its a lot easier so see how you are doing with a clear stamper!

Applied the decals directs to the middle, pinky and thumb and did some filling in on the nails to fill as well as fixed up the rainbow flag a bit more.  For the index and ring finger, applied two coats of Jade Cremoso Alga Marinha; then applied the British Flag direct to the index.  For the ring, stamped on a couple clouds using Konad m79 using FunkyFingers Guesso, then added the Canadian flag.

I did a stamper decal using MoYou Tourist Collection-03 but didn't end up using it; not enough fingers!

Applied a coat of Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC to finish.

Did a touch up on a couple flags then added another coat of top coat to finish.

Here's the other ladies Day 3 rainbow manis!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. These are so fun & I love that you included lots of different colours in these flags. Stunning xx


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