Saturday, October 24, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Whatever will become of Halloween this year, who knows.  Will kids be trick or treating?  Or staying in this year?  In these unprecedented times, I guess we won't find out until dusk on October 31st.  We have a handful of kids in our area and I've already bought candy just in case we have kids stopping by.  But the fam might be eating lots of treats if not many kids 
ring the doorbell. I guess well see in 10 days or so.

Anyway, here is a pretty traditional looking Halloween mani for the night!  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Salon Perfect Shapeshifter, no top coat.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Stamped using images from Chez Delaney Halloween 002 using MdU 106.

Shadow stamped using same images using MdU 2.  A couple things to note here; this is a perfect use of shadow stamping (IMHO!) as you get great depth of the lantern face.  Yes, my shadow stamping could have been a little tighter but you see the intent of it anyway lol.  One day, I might get it right lol.  Secondly, thank goodness for MdU polishes as otherwise, we wouldn't be able to pickup images such as these on the Chez Delaney plates as other polishes just don't pick up as well. 

Topped with a final coat of KBShimmer to finish.

 Regardless of what happens this October 31st, have a good one.  It can't be like this forever, can it?

Thanks for looking!

P.S. Ironically, these were the nails I was wearing on October 31, 2018; they've been in archives for almost two years!

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  1. As of today Hallowe'en has been cancelled in Scotland :-O Kids are not allowed out or any parties! Just with your household and to be honest, they are talking about doing the same for Christmas!

    Great mani, loving the happy faces! Wish it was 2018 again huh, easier times :-)


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