Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally-WHITE Snowflakes!

Yesterdays mani didn't stay on too long! While the green snowflake looked OK, it just wasn't the look I was going for. Here's another green mani with snowflakes and sparkles.....

Savvy Garland looks gorgeous in the bottle but looks very dark and not too sparkly on my nails.

This pix was taken before sparkly topcoat....

Savvy Garland stamped with white Konad special polish, using fauxnad IP A39 (yes, this is a new to me series of image plates I just got in the mail on Friday!) Used Fingerpaints sparkly topcoat for sparkle accent on top of the snowflake.

A pix of the A39 plate.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Where did you get this plate??!! Love it... Want it.. NeeD it!

  2. Hiya, second wanting to know where the plate is from, loving the trees and bells.

  3. love this mani!, i agree with the above girls, where is this gem *plate* from. i want it myself!x

  4. omg.. i love it.. specially the glitter polish u added with it XD

  5. Great plate! And what a bold image.
    It's snowflakes galore in bloggy-verse right now! I love how they are all different just like snowflakes are!

  6. Great snowflake art you did! Went to both sites youlisted to find this plate and neither had it. Could you tell exactly which site you got this A39 plate at. Thanks!

  7. Nail art and Mehr has indicated that they will not be carrying the plate, but chez delaney said they will be carrying the A series 21-40 in the new year!

  8. I just stumbled on your blog in search of snowflake plates and love this one! Like the rest of the ladies, I can't seem to find it anywhere!

    I used the BM 14 plate, just wished I had more than one snowflake to use.


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