Friday, December 3, 2010

SV Nail Fail...

This is going to be short and sweet.

This is a nail fail.

Did my mani, the usual...coat of instant artificals, two coats of Misa Like it Like that, then coat of SV. Stamped snowflake with fauxnad HB11, with Konad special white polish, added China Glaze Nova for some snow affect (closest I could get-couldn't find a white glitter in my stash).

Topped with SV...and...before my eyes, it turned my white stamp green! I was ticked. If it wasn't 2:15 am when I finished this, I would have took off and did again.....

I have to post. This blog is about keeping track of my manis, one at a time, good or bad.

Has this happened to anyone else? I've had it happen twice now...should have learned my lesson the first time...I don't know if its the SV or the white special polish....only good thing is I have a great reason to redo my nails tonight!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Is it bad i actually like it lol - it would be nice to see the flake white as well =)) mice mani as always

  2. Weird! o__O I actually do like the snowflake that minty green. It compliments the darker green nicely. :) But I can see that it would be very disappointing when you work hard on them and expect white.

    I'm not talented enough to do nail art, but SV shrinks on my nails like it's nobody's business. It's such a thick, glassy top coat, but I can't stand when it wrecks my mani. :(

  3. I'm bound and determined to find out if its the SV or special polish so redoing ONE nail exactly same as last night using brand spanking new bottle of SV...results will determine if SV or special polish....will post results soon...

  4. Ive done a series of swatches...used Konad topcoat, Lippmann Addicted to Speed and red bottle Sally Hansen on top of the white konad polish...all white stamp turned green! Has to be Misa base coat...also tried Savvy basecoat...stamped white special polish, SV topped...and stayed white! Just swatched another three fingers with the Misa base...going to wait 15 minutes then coat with three different topcoats...and hopefully they won't turn green! Again, will post results .....

  5. OK! Waited 15 minutes after stamping and used three different topcoats-SV, Lippmann Addicted to Speed and Sally Hansen red bottle-they all still turned green...has to be the Misa polish...anyway, moving on to new snowflake mani and here's to hoping that my white snowflake doesn't turn colour!

  6. actually this happened to me too, but i don't have any misa's -- i think it's the seche vite. i have white special polish and a different green and my white stamps turned green under seche vite as well... i base coated in revlon or sally hansen, i'm not sure which, it was a while ago.


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