Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Balm Hot Ticket Nail Polish

Some of my favourite colours right now are coral, orange and peach along with brights and neons in any shade....so when I seen The Balm Hot Ticket recently at PharmaPlus/Rexall, it caught my eye and I couldn't help but pick up a bottle.  Here's the mani I came up with. 

Started with a base of two coats of The Balm Hot Ticket Pink or Swim.  Not sure why its call "Pink" or Swim....I guess it sounds better than Coral or Swim.....

Stamped french tips using white Konad special stamping polish using QA13; also added additional stamping accent on ring ringer using Big SdP F.

For some colour contrast, added dots using Catrice Purposely Purple.....looking back at these pix, it seems I missed dotting the centre of one of the flowers on the accent finger.  Oops!  I wouldn't normally pair coral and orange, but didn't mind this combination.  Topped with SV.

The next night, I had every intention of taking this mani off, but I got sidetracked looking up my Essence plates after seeing a post about all the various ones over Adventures in Stamping on FB.  This took a little bit longer as my polish area is in a bit of disarray as I'm in the midst of moving it from one area to another and it's still being set up and organized.  Before I knew it, I there wasn't time to do whole new mani so I decided to just add a bit of stamping to extend it for another day by adding floral accent using QA16.

I isolated the single flower image and stamped it on my nails...any polish that I picked up in excess of the flower when I was stamping, I just removed before applying it to the nail.

Decided to add a few more random dots again using Catrice Purposely Purple.  Topped with SV.

Here's a bottle shot of The Balm Hot Ticket polishes....they retail for around $9 if I remember right.

 A few others that came home with me. 

Notice the peach in the centre?  Sooo into peach, coral, and orange lately....I've not wearing them everyday but they certainly are a seasonal favourite right now.  These are (l to r) Call Me Iridescent, Coral Reef-ined, and You're So Hot and Gold.  I'm not sure why the peach one is called coral...and the coral one is called pink...?

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is so cute! I love the green shimmer one which came home with you. I hope you'll swatch it soon.

  2. Aww, I love it, it's truly sweet and cute :)

  3. This is awesome! Looks great and is such a unique design!

  4. Hot Ticket? That's a new one on me. This design reminds me of a bandanna.

  5. i m loving this beautiful shade....nice combo rexyyy

  6. I know this is like 8 months late, but "pink or swim" is a play on "sink or swim" and definitely does work better than coral or swim, lol!

    love all your designs, you're so creative!


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