Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barry M Cobalt Blue Layered

I had two polishes I reallll-lllyyyyy wanted to use.  Looking at them, I thought they may go together so thought I'd do a little layering....this is what I came up with.

Started with a base of one coat of Barry M Cobalt Blue.  Gorgeous and one coat?!  Unbelievable!!  I usually do two coats on most base polishes but knew I was going to be layering it, so left with one but the coverage was still good. You'll know that by no means am I one to call dupes or do a lot of comparisons, but  I'd say this is veryyyy close colour wise to nails inc. Baker Street; you can see my mani with it here.   However, Baker Street had more shine and while the colour is close, I wouldn't say the finish is the same.  Shine may be achieved by adding a layer of clear topcoat but because I knew I was going to be layering it, I didn't go that route.  Perhaps another day. But at half the price of nails inc. Baker Street, Barry M Cobalt Blue is a less expensive option if you are craving this shade of blue! 

Added two coats of Essence Confetteria that I received from my European swap pal as part of our massive polish swap.  I was sooo anxious to swatch this!  Hex and small round silver glitter in a navy jelly base....*swoon*.   

Of course I had to stamp this, but didn't want to hid the base too much so opted for a simple white flower coaxed into a french tip from fauxnad m12 using Konad white special polish.  The pix below doesn't have SV on it but the very first one does....just made it more squishy! 

After the terrible staining I had after removing MAC Blue India, I'm always a little hesitant in removing blue polishes for fear of having smurf nails but was happy to report no terrible staining occurred.  A little blue was on my skin, but it easily came off with remover and if one was really careful in removal, that too could be avoided. 

For those of us who don't have easy access to Barry M, Harlow & Co sell their products.  And if you don't have easy access to the full range of Essence products like me, and you want a bottle of Confetteria, I'd highly suggest hooking up a bottle with a friendly swap pal or you'll miss out on this beauty! 

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is really stunning. I'm glad you added some nail art but decided not to hide the whole nail; the blue layers are so pretty. I'm always very wary of blue staining my nails too. Just have to risk it!

  2. Gorgeous mani! I love the layering and the stamping looks just perfect!

  3. Lucky you! Maybe it's due to Cobalt Blue, but seriously, I never owned a blue polish that stained my nails (and hands...) as badly as Confetteria! xD

  4. Beautiful, so far I never try stamping on top of glitter polish. But after seeing this pretty result, I will surely give it a try. ;)

  5. So nice! i like the cobalt blue and your mani is beautiful!

  6. That Confetteria--gorgeous! The stamping looks like lace tips, very nice effect.

  7. Essence Confetteria is fantastic... crap, that's another lemming!

  8. Very pretty! Essence Confetteria is so lovely!! Loving what you did with it :)

  9. I have both cobalt blue and baker street. I'll have to see if they really are dupes! I love both brands so I'm glad to have them both! This mani is awesome!


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