Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Nautical Nails

Cheeky released yet another preview of their soon to be released Summer Collection, CH36.  Perfect for some summer fun!  Here's what I came up with!

This plate has a nautical/water summer feel to it, so I thought blue, red and white as soon as I seen it.  Started with a base of Sally Hansen White Out, Duri Blueberry Daiquiri and Odyssey Top of Universe, all two coats.

Odyssey isn't a brand I've used before; I had picked up a few bottles some time ago at a random beauty supply place and this was the first time trying any of them out....this polish went on like butter!   They didn't have much colour wise for selection or I'd go back and pick up a few more bottles.

I had a little misstamping here and removed one of the anchors and then stamped in a single one...still not perfect but better than the bare spot. 

Stamped using CH36 using white, red and royal purple Konad special polishes; the yellow is Fab Ur Nails yellow. 


Here's the new Cheeky plate previewed....

Cheeky is wanting a feel for how many gals will be ordering these plates..  so if you plan on getting them, please make sure you like their May 17th post!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I always manage to mis-stamp! I try to "practice" on my right hand since I photograph the left... but it usually doesn't matter, haha! Love the sunglasses stamp!

  2. this makes me wanna go on a holiday!!
    Q: There are 2 sets of plates that cheeky has right? This what u r pre-viewing is the 2nd set right? and not released yet.
    The 1st one is what they sell on amazon at the moment right?
    I wanted to order this but I cant find m jus asking u

  3. It's so fun!!
    I love the designs!!

  4. Oh this is great! I always manage to misstamp with the french tip images.

  5. LOL all you need now is a cool yacht - great mani!!

  6. Very cool mani. It makes me want summer - right now!

  7. Kejal: Cheeky has one 26 set for sale now on Amazon; their 2012 set they call it. It's available for worldwide shipping on Amazon Canada right now but they will also have worldwide shipping via their website when it is set up. The Summer Collection is the second 26 piece set that will be released in early June is the set they sent me to preview, which has this plate... as well as some other fantastic ones!

  8. I need this plate!!!

  9. Your nails are always amazing! I just ordered the cheeky set on amazon. I can't wait!

  10. I've never seen Odyssey brand--what an interesting bottle shape!


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