Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally Getting Around to Posting My Father's Day Mani

These are the nails I was wearing on Sunday, which was Father's Day.  Unfortunately, I'm late in publishing this post because I don't have reliable internet service on the weekends and by the time I got home on Sunday night to do the post and had reliable internet, I was was terribly ill.  Sicker than I've been in a long, long time.  Eye infection in both eyes, sore throat, dry hacky cough along with a  fever. I quickly posted a pix to FB AiS for the Sunday challenge being glitter (hence the small amount of glitter under Dad to make it challenge appropriate!) then headed off to bed to try to rest.  Four days later, I'm still not feeling the best, but did want to get this posted before it's so long after Father's Day it's not appropriate! 

This is the tribute mani I did for my dear ol' Dad.

Polishes starting with thumb and working clockwise are SpaRitual Indigo, Billie Electric Blue, Essence Walk on Air, Maybelline Color Show Shocking Seas, and GOSH Limited Edition Attitude. While these aren't necessarily the colours I would have chosen if I was at home as they don't really go together that well, they are an assortment of blues I happen to have with my on the weekend and had to do.  I now keep a supply of random polishes, plates and nail supply stuff at my weekend place versus hauling everything back and forth every weekend and holiday like I did last year.   

Added a coat of Essence Choose Me! on thumb.  It's more teal/green than the blue as seen in these pix...not sure why its not more colour accurate as the pix were taken in the natural, bright sunlight. 

Stamped using white Konad special polish.  Plates used where CH28 (ties on middle finger), T40 (fish-doublestamped the reeds), SdP D14 (Dad banner), T28 (wolf), SdP 59 (bird), SdP 3 (leaf) and SdP 72 (coffee cup).  In addition to this being for Father's Day, hence the Dad and ties, the rest are tribute to my Dad.  He has love and fascination with nature and wildlife so added the wolf, bird and leaves.  I won't say how many t-shirts and sweat shirts that he has with wolves, loons, etc. on them!  Enjoys nothing better than sitting on his deck watching and listening to the birds around all the feeders he has placed.  Loves to fish and also has his scuba diving license.  (If only there was a scuba diver stamp!  Would be so cool on the thumb along with this stamping! ) And like me, has a love of fact, the family joke is that my Dad's vehicle is on autopilot to drive into every Tim Horton's that he passes for a coffee and 10 Timbits. 

Added a few random dots for colour interest and a bit of glitter in the Dad banner just to make it challenge appropriate for the AiS FB glitter mani challenge. 

We took my parents out for brunch and had a great day later just lounging around the deck chatting with them.  In addition to brunch, we gave my Dad a card and a gift Tim Hortons, of course!  My son also gave his grandpa the day off from cutting his grass as he did it for him, which was nice of him too.

Just for something to do, I took a pix of my quasi mani station at my weekend place which I thought I'd share.  Nothing high tech here....just newspaper down on the coffee table.  Looking at it now, it seems like an extraordinary amount of nail stuff so keep on hand just to do the odd mani on the!

My view while I do my nails.  I usually do my nails on the deck but with the humidity over the weekend, decided to stay indoors in an attempt not to have any polish challenges.  Even indoors has air conditioning and fan challenges but they were in the other room so I took my chances.

Thinking back now, I was OK when I seen my Dad on Sunday morning and afternoon and wasn't feeling ill until the evening...looking back, I hope I didn't give him another 'present' sickness....I'll have to call him soon to see how he's feeling. (edit:  I did give him a call Wednesday and he's feeling fine, no sickness....thank goodness!)

Thanks for looking! 


  1. This looks great, so cute.
    And that view is amazing!

  2. This mani looks cool!
    I hope you get well soon :)

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well! Hope you're all better soon.

  4. This is really cute!! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I hope you feel better soon - this was a great mani for fathers day!

  6. Oh this is a real tribute to dad! Great job.

  7. hope you are feeling better! I am LOVING the thumb on this mani! I love sea stuff!

  8. haha! cute post! U know what! I remember seeing ur last fathers day post and I think just around this time last year I started following your blog nad it it me that I did coz I loved ur fathers day mani!! Loved this one equally too!!

  9. That is too cute! Love the colour on the thumb:)


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