Saturday, June 16, 2012

models own Hedonistic....

.......aka pylon nails!  OMGoodness!  This is a bright one!  But bright I was looking for when I reached for Hedonistic.  I was wanting to wear something bright, fun and summery for the beautiful sunny weather we've been having...this is what I came up with.

Started with a base of models own Hedonistic, two coats.   The pix below has no topcoat.  It dries matte, maybe even kinda rubbery-like similar to Orly Plastix from a couple years ago.  This really does remind me of those orange cone pylons used in construction and obstacle courses ....

Stamped using Mash-41 using white Konad special polish.  I didn't do too good of a job lining up my thumb as you can see here....

....but that's OK!  Isolated the small flower on the plate and added a couple more of them as you can see below.

Ended up with this.  This was probably one of the few times I was glad I had a mis-stamp as I liked how the flower cluster turned out....even made me wish that all my nails were large enough for the extra flowers!


Added a few accents dots for colour interest using China Glaze Entourage.  While I don't have a separate pix of it, the yellow used was Konad pastel yellow as you can see in the first picture.

Unfortunately, when I went to topcoat it with quickdry, the orange and white stamping polish didn't get along too white turned pink!   I did my right hand with SV first and when the white turned pink, did the left with SH quick dry but it did the same.  I've had this happen once or twice before.  It wasn't terribly obvious IRL that it was pink, but everything is magnified in macro....if I decide to use white over Hedonistic again, I'll be sure to topcoat it first just to see if this will stop the reaction. 

Hedonistic is part of the models own Hed Kandi collection; I got mine here at Harlow & Co.

Hope you're have a fantastic weekend....and thanks for looking!


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous, love it!

  2. That rubber finish is pretty cool.

  3. another great mani! love that Mash image.

  4. So pretty! I love your additions to the basic stamp.

  5. Very very pretty mani! Love it!

  6. I like the change of color with the topcoat. I think it makes it look more handpainted.

  7. These are so amazing! Wow! The colours are great and the design looks awesome, i really love them!

  8. What a great cheerful mani! I loveeee it!

  9. YIKES naked nails!!! HAHA! you sure are brave showing them off! I love this mani! Very cool!

  10. I love that plate design, and the "fill in" flowers you did on your thumb.


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