Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mash Plates

There's been some buzz around the stamping world about the newly released Mash plates.  Mine arrived last week; this is what I came up with.

Started with a base of two coats of L'Oreal Now You Sea Me; no topcoat.  I haven't worn L'Oreal in awhile.   Not sure why...application was good and it looks beautiful after two coats.  I certainly have bought enough L'Oreal's that I could be wearing them on a regular basis.......

Decided to add a coat of Pure Ice Once Again! that I *think* I picked up at Walmart on one of my recent cross border shipping trips. I say *think* because I do think I did buy it at there.  It was sitting there with the other polishes that I had picked up.  But I got to thinking and my brain jarred back to a swap package that I had received not too long ago from KarenD over at Frazzle and Aniploish.  I was pretty sure she had sent along Once Again! as she knew my affinity for glitters and that Pure Ice isn't a brand readily available to me....and got to thinking that the bottles didn't look quite the same.....

So I plucked out the bottle from mailer and had a look at it and it looked wayyyyy different....and better than the bottle I had, as you can see below.  The bottle KarenD sent me was on the left (the really glittery one); the one I used for this mani is on the right (the milky, dud glitter one).

See?  They are both Once Again!

I got to looking again at the bottle I thought I bought and then noticed it had been previously used as there was a massive amount of polish on the bottle threads.  Now that doesn't surprise me because I thought I had bought it at Walmart and if you've shopped at Walmart before, I don't need to tell you what people do there to polishes.  Then I wondered if maybe this was a swapped bottle that maybe someone had frankened with?  Or maybe Puce Ice just needs to step up their quality control? Not sure, but none the less, even the bottle I *think* I bought gave cool enough results.  Some day, I'll have to compare how these two Once Again!'s look against one another but I couldn't do it at the time of this mani.  While I had received KarenD's package, she hadn't received mine and swapping etiquette calls that you don't use the polishes received until the other person has received their end satisfactory.  I'm sure KarenD wouldn't have minded, because we're only on our fifth gazillion swap now, (OK, maybe I exaggerated by 4.9999995 gazillion), but none the less, one of these days I'll have to do a comparison just to see.  The Once Again! KarenD sent looks so much sparklier. If the dud version looks this awesome, I can only imagine how the glittery one looks!

Anyway, stamped using Konad white special polish using Mash-45.

Pix of the plate.

Added dots to flowers using Konad pastel yellow stamping polish.

Decided to add a few dots to accent finger too.

Topped with SV. 

The current series of Mash plates, 26-50, retail for $12.99; a great price for 25 plates!  I believe shipping is only available to US and Canada....and shipping to Canada was crazy expensive so I had them delivered to US and went and collected me an opportunity to check out all the US hotspots for any new polishes...or dud Pure Ices!!!   The plates have an assortment of full nail designs and single images and the ones I've sampled so far stamp well....if you are interested in checking them out, please go here!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the result :) But it is strange that these two Once Again polishes look so different when they should be the same :S

  2. Very pretty I wish I could buy the Mash plates where I live :)

  3. Wow, those sure aren't the same. I know I've seen different versions of a couple Pure Ice polishes but hadn't heard of any issues with Once Again. And of course I wouldn't have minded if you'd used it right away--I can't imagine ever in a millions years having to take you to swaptawk to work out a problem. :)

  4. Such a cute mani! Stamp looks great! :)

  5. This is the cutist mani i've seen lately

  6. WOW this is gorgeous! i've gotten lazy lately and haven't been adding the dots and things. I need to get back into that!


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