Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blue and Gold

I haven't done my nails much this week as I'm either suffering from a cold or allergies.....or maybe even a little of both.  I did my nails last night for the first time in almost a week but will share another time; while I didn't really have the desire or energy to do them, they were looking a little worse for wear.   When I was in the midst of doing my nails, I was thinking I'm glad I took the time to do them as it kinda made me forget about being sick for a while.  Does that make sense?  Even if it doesn't necessarily make sense, it's how I felt none the less! This is a mani I wore in April just didn't get around to showing it.

For this mani, started with a base of two coats of Emily de Molly Stuffed Jeans, this has no topcoat. 

Thinking that gold stamping would compliment the gold glitter in Stuffed Jeans, stamped using CND Gold Chrome with an image from LLC B. This was at a time that my nails were fairly long and curvy and I used the XL squishy stamper to get right to the tips. I remember at the time thinking my squishy stamping use needs some practise as these lines are crooked as old anything....only to look at the image I was using to discover that in fact, the lines aren't straight to begin with! Whew! It hasn't met, it was the plate! I wouldn't be surprised if it was me though as straight lines are so hard to stamp; for me anyway!  I didn't line up the images very well either which makes some of the lines seem even more crooked!

In restrospect, I don't think this was the right stamping image for this mani but I've done worse so can't complain! lol!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend; thanks for looking!


  1. Allergies and a cold...I'm in the same boat. Plus throw in some migraines due to all the weather systems for good measure!


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