Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Digit-al Dozen, Bling - Day 2

It's a week of Bling for the Digit-al Dozen!   While I should be having a lot of fun with this challenge, I'm finding it a little difficult for some reason.  Not sure if this is classified as bling, but  here's what I came up with for Day 2 regardless!

We had the weirdest weather over the weekend; snow, hail, wind, then sunny skies...and a few minutes later, snow, hail, rain and wind again.....you name it, we experienced it!  So when I was looking for a base polish, I wanted something on the brighter side that at least reminds me it is spring even if the weather doesn't seem like it.  Also wanted something that would go with a lot of colours for the stones I knew I'd be adding to bling up the mani.  Decided upon Elevation Polish Sarychev; this is three coats, no top coat. 

Love, love, love this...makes me want to buy up every single Elevation jelly that exists!

While I did three coats because I'm not a fan of VNL on me and was taking pix which always seems to make it more visible, two coats is probably good for everyday wear.  Even three coats, there's just the hint of VNL in the pix but not visible IRL.

Stamped using white Konad special polish using Big SdP Q.

Added the bling!  Started with assortment of larger size stones for the larger size images.

Filled in the rest of the blasts with smaller stones in assortment of colours. 

This is pretty funky cool.....while it isn't necessarily a design I would want to wear everyday, I do have a friend who loves flashy nails who I think would love this on her nails.

Topped with a generous coat of SV to secure the stones.

Unfortunately, I missed Day 1 and am not entirely sure if I'll get around to doing a make up post or not.  I guess it will depend on how many bling mani's I can come up with....any suggestions?

Thanks for looking....here's the other ladies Day 2 bling mani's!


  1. what a wonderful brightness have this polish...love it...

  2. gorgeous - love this all over xx

  3. This is great - I love both the Elevation base on its own and your finished mani!

  4. I LOVE IT!!! That Elevation polish is so gorgeous and I love the blingy colorful accent to the stamping. Such a fun mani!

  5. Beautiful! And your stamping is peeeerfect!!

  6. I am loving this! Am gonna email you about your wish list and maybe a swap we can do. So look for that please!

  7. Heck yeah this is bling!! THIS IS SO PRETTY! I LOVE IT!

  8. Wow, snow in May :).
    This manicure looks so beautiful!

  9. Definitely bling! You can come and do my nails any day. (And I had the heating on yesterday morning - so wrong for May!)


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