Thursday, May 16, 2013

Digit-al Dozen, Bling; Day 4

Does this look blingy?  Struggling with the theme of bling, I googled bling to see the definition and to make sure I'm following the theme; in the process, seen bling means flashy too; I think the holo in this mani is pretty decided to post this mani as part of bling week!

Started with a base of Jade Holografico Uau! two coats, no topcoat.  This is a polish I lemmed for so long!  I missed a couple restocks on llarowe and I thought I'd never have it in my stash but was able to snag it eventually one of them!  I adore this polish; can't wait to do some Halloween/fall mani's with it several months from now too! I've since picked up a few other orange holo polishes; I could do a comparison some time but don't think I'd have anything to add from what The Crumpet mentioned/compared here.

The first mani that came to mind when I had this polish on was the stamped butterfly wing design.  I'd never used this design before and going over my stamping plates, there are a few different butterfly wing options. 

Apipila 03

NailCraze 01

Vivid Lacquer 002 and 004.

I looked at them all and was trying to figure out what plate(s) would work best for my nails as well as trying to figure out how best they should be placed.  It was a bit of a challenge to be honest; some of the large designs looked too big even for my largest nails but the smaller images, too small for the larger nails like the thumb and middle. After some analysis, I ultimately decided to use the NailCraze plate.  Even when it was stamped, it seemed a little on the large size for my nails or I lined it up wrong, who knows.  Anyway, here's what it looked like after stamping.

Not perfect by any means.  But no worries!  Grabbed a fine brush and just painted in the lines and filled where I thought it should be!

Another pix with different lighting.

Added assortment of white dots with a dotting tool using white Konad special polish. 

I had been given a bottle of HongKong Girl topcoat by one of my local supply places.  It was mentioned by a gal on one of the boards that it dries pretty fast, has high gloss finish, no shrinkage or image smear issues with stamping, so I thought I'd try it.  I must say that I've been sampling it for a few mani's since and haven't had any smear issues nor any shrinkage that I can recall.  But I rarely do anymore with SV either.  I don't think it dries quite as fast as SV but any difference was minimal.

I wore this mani for a few days; here's a pix later when I was outside. These pix look a little better as less black stamping polish at the cuticles lol!

A rare pix of my right hand; for this hand, I used the Apipila plate.

I must say that this mani was very eye catching and flashy; I got a lot of compliments during the time I was sporting these butterfly wings.  This is sure to be a mani I'll be doing again; and maybe then, I'll have figured out how to place the wing stamping a little better...or I'll be filling in with a brush again!

Here's the other ladies Day 4 mani's!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love this mani! Monarchs are my favorite butterfly and Jade Uau has been on my wishlist for a while now. I would say holographic is definitely blingy. I was wondering where you got NailCraze plate.

  2. Kimmie: Nail Craze has an etsy store; I've added the link under where I get my stuff!

  3. LOVE! *stares at butterfly wing Nailz Craze plate* Why have I still not used it!?

  4. Ehi!!! This is not not play fair!... The Monarch mani must be done manually, with pain and patience!
    ... of course I am joking... cute mani! ;-)

  5. What a gorgeous coloured holo and your butterflies are so perfect!

  6. Gorgeous definitely looks bling bling :) and beautiful manicure :)

  7. That is stunning! Love the holo on that!

  8. I bought this nail craze plate solely for this image and I've been terrified to attempt it but now after seeing yours I think I will! I own the blue & red jade holos and I think one of them will definitely be my base!

  9. Oh my goodness! I have seen your butterfly nails before and went crazy over them. But I'ge never been here before and am so excited toy shared a how to. Even though I am sure I could never do this. Lol! This nail art is beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration. :)


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