Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back Home with Review of CND Vinylux!

I'm not sure how many of you read my (over wordy, super long!) posts versus just browsing over the pictures but I've been away on vacation for the last little while, just getting back home last Monday night. I see all my scheduled Digit-al Dozen posts posted like clockwork so that was fantastic!  Once I got back, I spent the first two nights home with the family (didn't arrive home until almost 10 pm so it hardly counted) so actually had on my holiday polish for an impressive 9 days! My third night home, I took off the CND Vinylux but left my nails bare for 24 hours as I spent most of that night catching up on the over 425 blogs I follow right back to the time I left (thank goodness not everyone posts every day but I really did go back in reader that far!)

While my trip was fantastic, it is great to be home with the family and back to normality! I'll be sharing some pix and polish purchases from my trip at some time, but first, I wanted to share my review of the polish I wore while I was away, CND Vinylux Polish in Hot Pop Pink #121. Some of the upcoming pix of the nails aren't the best; my camera either focused on the nails, or the background, but wouldn't do both and the lighting in some cases wasn't the best (not to mention the strange looks I sometimes got taking these pix from people who couldn't figure out why the crazy lady was taking pix of her nails! lol)! So some pix, the nails aren't the best....but I do have good nail pix on Day 1, Day 7 and Day 9 when I finally took the polish off for comparison/review purposes which I think is the most important thing!

This is two coats of CND Vinylux Polish in Hot Pop Pink #121*** with one coat of Vinylux Weekly Topcoat, taken the night before I left at around 11:35 pm on Sunday, September 8th.  CND Vinylux polish applied just like normal polish; I had no problems with application nor with the brush.  The topcoat was a little thicker than normal topcoat, but there were no application issues and it left a nice shine. The polish and topcoat dried in a reasonable amount of time; I went to bed shortly after I finished, maybe half an hour later, to be up for my 7 am flight (which means, yes, I was out the door at 4:30 am!) and didn't even have sheet marks in the morning!

I followed the instructions on the box so this was applied; however, I didn't clean my nails with ScrubFresh as I didn't have it.

This is a pix taken on Day 1, Monday, September 9th.

****I guess I didn't take any pix this day!*****

 Day 2, Tuesday, September 10th.


Day 3, Wednesday, September 11th

Day 4, Thursday, September 12th

Day 5, Friday, September 13th

Day 6, Saturday, September 14th

Day 7, Sunday, September 15th

I tried to get good pix on Day 7 as the CND Vinylux states it is 7+ days without chipping and wanted to show if this was the case....and in my case, I had no chips at all!

Another Day 7 pix.

Day 8, Monday, September 16th

Day 9, Tuesday September 17, 2013.  The pix below was taken right before I took the polish off at around midnight; a full 9 days after applying. There is wear at the tips and my thumb has the start of a peel from when I caught my nail on my zipper on Day 4 (but was still holding on 5 days later!), but otherwise, the Vinylux was still holding up well! I took the CND Vinylux off with acetone as I normally remove polish; removal was no issue at all.

These are my thoughts on CND Vinylux.....FANTASTIC!

While I had minor tip wear on day 4, I had no chips at all even on Day 9. By Day 7, my nails had grown out to a point that under most circumstances, I would have changed polish but to be honest, they still looked pretty good by Day 9!  The tip wear (and grow out) was very similar to when I had artificial nails and would have tip wear after a couple days with them, so I didn't really think the minor tip wear was an issue at all. Overall, I was really pleased how well the mani held up and there was no need at all to be worried about my nails when I was so busy enjoying the holiday!  My only regret was that I didn't stamp my nails or add some nail art but in fairness to the review and for pix reviewing, wanted to leave them without stamping.  In addition to this bottle, I was also sent another, which I'm going to add some nail art to see if there is any stamping nuances (ie, will the stamping polish adhere well to the topcoat). But overall, I was thrilled how well this polish stayed on and know I'll be picking up a few more colours!

Day 1

Day 7

Day 9

Here's a link for more information regarding CND Vinylux, which is available at Trade Secrets in 62 different shades and a FAQ sheet for more information.

While I was away, the Digit-al Dozen Giveaway ended and a winner was chosen.....the winner was chosen, verified, notified and responded as outlined in the regulations....she is one happy lady with her $200 in gift cards and has chosen gift cards from a couple of well known polish etailers. I'm sure she will be enjoying the benefits of her winnings in the very near future. Congrats!

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Thanks for looking!

(Did you guess where I went? lol!)

**polish was sent for review; please refer to disclosure policy


  1. wow...fabolous products...I must try it
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!
    The simple life of rich people blog

  2. Hey! Check your email! I emailed you days ago-am hoping it's just that you were on vacay and not that you were ignoring me! ;( HEHEHE! I wonder if that topcoat would make any polish last that long? You ought to try that out for me!

  3. Great post--someone asked me about Vinylux and I didn't know anything--now I can point them here.

    Looks like a cruise to Alaska, ending in Vancouver. :)

    1. I was really happy with the Vinylux; it was a bonus that I was asked to review the product a couple weeks before I left on holiday; otherwise, I was going to try out some nail strips based on your posts!

      And for vacay, you're right! It was beautiful!

  4. Looks great..I was going to say I have no idea where you went but I enjoy that one of your photos really wanted to focus on the icebergs, not the nails!


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