Saturday, September 14, 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES It Again; Day 12, Fashion

It's the last day of Digit-al Dozen DOES it again; today's theme is fashion. This is also the last day to enter the Digit-al Dozen $200 giveaway so if you wanted to enter but haven't yet, please go to the bottom of the post here for the rafflecopter form...remember, it's open internationally!

Here's what I came up with for fashion!

Started with a base of one coat of FingerPaints Black Expressionism, no topcoat.

Topped with one light coat of KBShimmer We Three Blings; topped with SV.

Stamped using CND Gold Chrome using an image from Chez Xmas 001.

Topped with SV (which was the first pix).  

Here's the dress I used for my fashion inspiration...I adore it!  

I made it!  It's always a challenge for me to do so many daily posts and to top it off, I'm on holidays this second week (hopefully you are seeing this on the right day, right time!) and had to do so many mani's and scheduled posts in advance before I left...hopefully they went off without any glitches!

Welcome if you are a new follower to my blog (I hope you stick around!)....... and a huge THANK YOU if you've been here for a while, maybe back to June 2010 when my little blog started......thanks for staying with me despite hangnails, poor cuticles, lack of cleanup, bouts of infrequent posts and everything else that turns followers off! lol!!  Thanks, too, to the other ladies of Digit-al Dozen who welcomed me into the group. I wasn't an original 12 but was asked if I would be interested in joining in December 2012.  While I don't always manage to do all five posts and sometimes even post the odd one late, I try my best....I love that the challenges take me out of my comfort zone....I don't think otherwise I ever would have done a Dr. Seuss mani for example....and I think some of my most creative mani's have been as a result of the challenges.  I strive to just keep up to the other ladies endless talent as there is simply so much creativity and nail art skill in the group......the only nail art I do is stamping and for the most part, have been lucky enough to be able to stamp a mani for most of the challenges but even then, the challenges have been forcing me to go out of my comfort zone by trying to come up with a tape mani for example!  So honoured to be a part of the group thank you ladies of the Digit-al Dozen!!  I look forward to the next year of monthly challenges and only hope I can keep up and be a worth contributor to the group!

Here's the other fashion posts! Hopefully you're having a fantastic weekend.....and as always, thanks for looking!


  1. Oh my goodness, that dress is outstanding! Your manicure matches perfectly!

  2. So pretty, I love the combination.

  3. HOLY. CRAP. Breathtaking! Both the dress and your beautiful nails

  4. love! and that dress! hold the phone, i love it!!!

  5. Wonderful mani and it matches the dress so well!

  6. wow these capture the dress PERFECTLY!


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