Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Brands; Day 3

Have you been enjoying Digit-al Dozen Brand week?  The ladies have done some awesome brand mani's so far!  This is actually one theme that I didn't have too much of a challenge as there are oh, so many stamping plates nowadays with logo's and images suitable for brands.  With that being said, it was almost like I was doing red and white themed mani's as this is my second red and white mani this week and there's one more still to come! If the Digit-al Dozen ever revisits brands, I'll have to try to make sure they aren't red and white. Anyway, here's Day 3's Brand mani.

Started with a base of two coats each of CND Oilslick (thumb), OPI Over & Over A-Gwen (index and ring) and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (middle and pinky); topped with SV.

Stamped using red and white Konad special polishes using GA32 (index), MJ XIV (middle and pinky), MJ XXI (coke wording on ring finger) and MoYou Rebel Collection-03 (coke bottle on ring). The thumb is from GA9 double stamped with a franken polish I made from mixing Mundo de Unas #12 and #23 together on the image plate.  

Do you get the thumb?  It's the coke fizz when you pour Coke into a glass!  I remember as a kid how much I like to slurp up the fizz before the coke settled! 



MoYou Rebel Collection-03  Why Coke bottle image, do you not stamp better?  I used several different stampers and couldn't get a better image than the one I used for this mani.  Disappointing.


There are certainly a lot of brands just on these plates, never mind others in my stash!

Added a few accent twinkles for filler using SdP 73 and a heart from FUN 12 on the pinky; topped with SV. 

I don't actually drink that much pop; maybe half a dozen cans a year if that, but if I do reach for a soft drink, Coke is my pop of choice (unless I'm not feeling well, when I drink ginger ale).  Sorry to all you Pepsi fans!  

Here's the other ladies Day 3 Brand mani's!

Thanks for looking!


  1. whoa! ingenious! especially the bubbles on the thumb :D

  2. Totally love this! I love Coca Cola.

  3. I really should stop being surprised when you have such perfect images for these challenges. :)

  4. These are really cute :) I don't know how you always manage to pick the best base color to stamp color combos, but they're always spot on :)

  5. superlike!! Perfect while visiting The Coca Cola world :D One can even get a free entry with these nails ;)

  6. These are just brilliant! Such a perfect plate to have for this challenge!

  7. Classic! I am soooo AMAZED by your plate collection! These plates are awesome!

  8. Woo! I love Coca-Cola sodas, too :D


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