Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Perfect Mix of Plates and Polish!

If you are a polish lover as well as a stamping addict (like me!) and are looking for interesting images to stamp but still allow the base polish to shine though, it can sometimes be a challenge finding suitable images that highlights the best of both worlds. This is a mani I came up with not too long ago showing a perfect mix of both...if I do say so myself!

The base polish is Dance Legend T-1000 (#1); this is one coat, no topcoat.

Stamped using Infinity 37** using FUN black stamping polish.  The newly released series of Infinity plates have a lot of images that are perfect for not only the base polishes to show through but also to make stamper decals or the Lead-Light Lacquer technique.  

Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash quick dry top coat to finish.

Infinity Plates are available at Dashica Beauty.  I have heard that there will be another 25 plates released soon but haven't seen any previews of them yet; just that it is in the works.

Thanks for looking!

P.S.  The winner of the Sally Hansen Prizepack has been chosen via raffleopter so be sure to check your emails!

**product sent for review.  Please refer to disclosure policy for further information.


  1. I thought it was Celtic knotwork, but it's some other type of design...How expensive is the shipping for Shirley Dashica's products to Canada? She has a wealth of gorgeous plate designs, but I'm afraid ordering from Europe will be so complicated!

    1. It's not complicated; I order plates and polishes from Europe all the time; never had an issue! For Dashica, you can send her an email with your order, she will also give you a quote for shipping. I always order a fairly large order whenever I place it; usually whatever new plates are out so usually several hundred dollars (but not always) and pay around 16 euros for tracked and insured. I believe she has a cheaper shipping option but no insurance or tracking. I've never done this only because I order so much and wouldn't want to risk it. I believe there is going to be a Canadian contact soon to buy her plates (but not the Infinity ones unless that has changed). Once I have info about this, I will update here or I'm sure she'll announce on FB. HTH!

    2. Thank-you! She is always coming out with new plates, so I will have to follow her on FB to keep track of what is going on.

  2. I agree, a perfect mix! I love that T-1000.

  3. Where do you buy your stampong polishes. I'm looking for some that are not too expensive.

  4. I've either bought Mundo de Unas or My OnLineShop stamping polishes lately. The polishes aren't terribly expensive ($1.50 to $3 depending on brand and size) but shipping them can be. I try to buy a few when I'm already buying plates and paying for them to be shipped anyway. There are other polishes that work for stamping like some of the Sally Hansen instadri's or even regular polishes that are more opaque; it just depends what you are looking for!


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