Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Different Dimension Da Ba Dee

I recently read on a FB group not too long ago that the large glitters aren't as much on trend now.   I guess I didn't get the memo because a few days before reading the group comments, I had ordered a few other large glitter polishes including this one.  This is a newly arrived Different Dimension polish, Da Ba Dee.

DD Da Ba Dee (blue; as it was noted on my bottle; not sure why...I even went and looked in the DD shop to see if there are other polishes like Da Ba Dee green or Da Ba Dee purple but couldn't see any!) is a tinted blue jelly with an mixed assortment of glitters including the large round glitters.  I wasn't sure how many layers of polish it would need for full coverage (and just because I'm not a big fan of VNL on me), so did an underwear base of Orly Shock Wave; this is two coats, no topcoat.

Added a coat of Different Dimensions Da Ba Dee (blue).

While normally I wouldn't mind the look of this, I didn't have any of the big circle glitters on my nails which I wanted.  So added a second coat and had more success on snagging a few of them after a good shake up to see if some would surface!  The second coat added more glitter overall making the nails a little bit more interesting too, I think.

Top coated with SV.

Gorgeous!  On trend or not, I love this!

In hindsight, I don't think the underwears were needed as the coverage is pretty good.  Perhaps three coats would have been needed, but it does look like it would have covered nicely. As jelly looking as this is, I'm sure it would have been even more translucent without the blue base.  Next time!

For stamping, wanted an image that you could see the gorgeous base polish underneath; decided upon MoYou Sailor Collection-05 using white Konad special polish.

MoYou Sailor Collection-05

Topped with SV to finish.

The next day, I took a pix in natural daylight; the glitter was a little bit more obvious.

Still using Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel!

Different Dimensions can be purchased via her Etsy shop here or llarowe.

I don't follow trends too much unless it is something new and exciting and I'm on the look out for it as I wear whatever strikes me at the moment I decide to do my nails. Whether that's big circle glitters, sands, or any other finish (cough cough magnetics or crackle!) that happens to be trendy...or perhaps has faded.  (I seem to recall reading not too long ago too that nail art is a trend on it's way out....just more proof I will never follow fads because I cannot imagine doing my nails and not stamping them!)  We should wear whatever makes up happy on our nails even if it's not trendy; don't you think?

Thanks for looking!


  1. The reason it was named Blue Da Ba Dee is because that's a song title. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure Blaise is right, I guess the polish is named after the song.

  3. Stunning! Both the polish and the stamping combo. I'm right there with you; either intentionally ignoring the current trend or fashion rules, or politely waving them aside. We can express ourselves however we want! :) LOL

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I love big chunky circle glitter. I refuse to follow trends lol I have to be the odd ball. I do what I want.

  5. I honestly don't know on what planet big glitters are off trend! They're on trend on MY nails ;-) This looks fantastic!

  6. I am absolutely with you on the trend thing! I do like to know what is on trend so I can be sure to stock up while it's available, but I don't care about what's "in" when it comes to what I wear on my nails. I was thinking it was about time I pull my crack out again, actually. ;)

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  8. I own this. It is GORGEOUS! And your awesome manicure sure threw the spotlight on this beauty :)

  9. SO gorgeous. OH MY GOSH I adore those big round glitters!!! Wonderful combination!

  10. This jelly is absolutely delicious!! And so far as trends go... meh, who cares what "they" say.
    Life is short: make yourself happy!


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