Monday, July 28, 2014

10.1 Snake Venom

It's an overcast, raining day; after rain off and on most of the weekend as well as a lot of thunder and lightning the past two days,  I thought it would be a good time to feature a bright summery polish on such a dreary day to brighten the day!  This is a mani featuring a new indie polish maker; 10.1 Polish**!  

Started with a base of two coats of 10.1 Snake Venom, no topcoat.  10.1 Snake Venom is a beautiful colour with a very light holo and added shimmer; perfect to wear on it's own, or a great base for stamping!  

Different lighting.  Polish colour is more true in the pix below (but this lighting gives me lobster hands all the time!)

Bottle shot. 

My apologies to the creators of 10.1 Polish Snake Venom, but as soon as I seen this base on my nails, my first right away was to pair it with pink! To take such a cool, edgy polish name, then pair it with pink and then make it extremely girly....well, just seems wrong!  In a good way!  It's no secret that one of my favourite colour combinations is green and pink! But to make matters worse, I really girly upped 10.1 Snake Venom! Just seems wrong! But right or wrong, I love how this turned out!

Stamped using MoYou Mother Nature Collection-11 (index), MoYou Princess Collection-12 (thumb, middle and pinky) and Apipila P.11 (ring).  Stamping polishes used are white Konad and Mundo de Unas 15 (light pink) and 20 (darker rose).  

Doubled stamped the thumb and added roses on the ring using the darker Mundo de Unas 20 using same images.  Added a few white dots on index for interest.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

10.1 Polishes are available here and they retail for $6.50!  

I will be featuring more 10.1 Polishes soon!  The 10.1 Polish Facebook page here also has a lot of great pictures of their products!

Thanks for looking!

**polishes sent for review; please refer to disclosure policy 


  1. I love pink and green combos.

  2. I LOVE the Princess collection image you used here! So pretty!


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