Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot Air Balloons!

These nails are almost painful for me to look at but I'm sharing anyway!  My blog has always been about sharing the good with the bad; the successes with the failures....and while I don't mind the stamping on these, it's the nails, particularly the shape...or lack thereof, that are so bad! Back in April, I had cut down my nails and after I cut them while they were growing out, the middle finger broke not once, but twice.  But that didn't stop me from painting my nails and stamping! I always share my nails when they are short too just to show that you don't need long nails to do some interesting stamping!  This is what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Sally Hansen Barracuda.

Natural light; shade.

Stamped clouds using white Konad special polish.  (I deleted my notes on this mani by accident and can't readily find the plate number.  Will update.)

Added hot air balloons the full size image from Apipila P.6, but isolated the larger hot air balloons from the image and placed on each finger individually using assortment of Sally Hansen Insta-dries.  The basket is black Konad special polish.

Using same polishes and same image, added a few more of the smaller hot air balloons.  Top coated to finish.

 I have a bunch of mani's in archives that will be showing up at sometime featuring the nubs and poor nail are forewarned!

Hope you're having a good week; thanks for looking!


  1. I LOVE THE MANI!!! I didn't even notice the shape of your nails because I was too busy looking at how awesome they came out.

  2. These are so cute!!! I didn't even notice the shape of you nails too!

  3. Awesome stamping!


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