Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Spooky Days; Day 2

I don't think a Spooky Days week of Halloween mani's would be complete without a glow in the dark mani; here's one I'm sharing for Day 2....even though it's not overly spooky!

Started with a base of two coats of Girly Bits Supersonic; no top coat.

Layered three coats of Sally Hansen Glow in the Dark on top of Supersonic.

Two coats had good glow in the dark in real life but faded fast when I was trying to take pix so a third made it glow just a little brighter and longer to pick up in pix. (WTF Blogging Problems, I know lol!)

I couldn't remember if top coat affects the glow (it doesn't), so waited 15ish minutes before stamping as there's a good 7 layers of treatments and polish on my nails at this point.  I was using a marshmallow stamper and because you don't press down as hard for stamping, I find it doesn't smoosh as much as with a Konad where more pressure if applied so can stamp sooner without waiting.  So I find anyway.  So didn't have to wait as long as I generally would have given that no quick dry top coat.

Used Konad black special polish with images from MoYou Festive 16.

 MoYou Festive Collection-16

I thought I was going to use these plates so took pix of them, but as it turns out, didn't use them after all.

MoYou Gothic Collection-05

MoYou Gothic Collection-07

Top coated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

Discovered that the glow in the dark still works with top coat on top!  Hopefully I'll remember this for next time!

Here's the other ladies Day 2 mani's!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I lurve these a lot! That Girly Bits base is gorgeous! That glow! Wow! That's such an amazing glow in the dark polish I've seen! Love the stamping too!

  2. fabulous job! I love how you mix and match your stamps so well

  3. That glow in the dark is amazing! Fantastic design!

  4. Why must you be so awesome? This is fantastic!


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