Friday, October 3, 2014

Sally Hansen Rhododendron with Shimmer Celine Make a Drop Dead Combination!

We've had a week of dark and overcast skies (well, except right now as I finalize this post!); so while dark polishes aren't typical for me as I've mentioned before, I thought a darker base would fit right in with the weather and be fall appropriate too.  This is what I came up with!

Sometimes I knock my own socks off with the right combination of polish, layering with glitter and stamping! While I typically change my nails every night or every couple nights at the most, I wore this stunner for several days; I didn't want to take it off!  Even when I took it off, it was like the day I applied it.

The kind folks at Sally Hansen Canada sent me a package filled with polishes appropriate for Halloween and fall; included in it was Sally Hansen Rhododendron**.  This is two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Rhododendron, no topcoat.  Sally Hansen Rhododendron (Prabal Gurung) is part of the Fall 2014 Limited Edition Designer Collection which are shades that have been collaborated with designers Tracy Reece and Prabal Gurung.  I have to admit, this isn't a colour that I would typically wear (brights person, remember!) but the weather has been dark and well, it is fall and time to start wearing these darker colours.  

Application was easy, the formula was good (a little thicker than I personally like but still workable and nothing that a few drops of thinner won't solve if you are like me and would rather have a polish on the thin side, but I used as it came out of the bottle with no issues at all) and good shine even with no topcoat. Cleanup was easy and there was no skin staining when I eventually took this mani off!

I love this....and I can't believe I love it!  Thank you, Sally Hansen Canada for taking me out of my colour comfort zone!  Such a perfect colour for fall!

I decided to layer Sally Hansen Rhododendron, and found the perfect glitter pairing, Shimmer Polish Celine**.  This is one light coat on a top, no topcoat.

Shimmer Polish Celine.  Typical of Shimmer Polishes; stunning glitters that wear easy on their own or paired beautifully with a base and used as an accent.  Celine has loads of glitter and shimmer that magically catch the light!  Beautiful!

Shimmer Polish Celine with topcoat and gelous.  **Swoon!!!**  Stunning combination!

Different lighting; pix shows colours slightly lighter than true but you see the glitter.

Stamped using Lily Anna 01 using CND Gold Chrome.

Lily Anna 01

The next night as I was putting the Lily Anna plate away, I happen to notice that Lily Anna 04 has the exact same image inverted.  My first thought was, dang it; I wish I had have seen this before hand....but maybe a good excuse to use these images again!

Finished with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Different lighting; the polish isn't as accurate as it is darker than this, but better to see the glitter shine through and when it hits the lighting!

This crimson polish is only made more stunning with the addition of the glitter, then beautifully accented with gold stamping is a winning combination I know I'll be wearing again this fall!!  And Christmas.  And Valentines. And probably any old day that the mood strikes me!  To me, it looks so classy and sophisticated; I don't think you can go wrong with classy and sophisticated lol!

ShimmerPolish is available via the ShimmerPolish Etsy store here; Sally Hansen 2014 Fall LE Designer Collection will be available at local retailers.  I haven't seen any displays with the line in my area yet, but watch out for them soon!

Thanks for looking!

**polishes sent for review; please see disclosure policy


  1. Such a great look! I just started with stamping and this was inspiring to see :) Now I'm stamping with MoYou polishes and plates. XD

  2. love this nail polish and your nail art ! we could follow each other if you agree !
    have a nice weekend , dear !

  3. I love this! I get a Christmas-holiday vibe, I definitely want to re-create this look :)

  4. This manicure is beautiful on so many levels, from the base (Love rhododendron, though I'm not a fan of reds), glitter and stamping...just perfect!

    And you change your manicure very often! I wish I had your dedication ;)

  5. Oh my, that layering! I have that SH but not that Shimmer, which is gorgeous.

  6. How do you keep track of your stamping images? I mean, if you decide to stamp a leafy image, do you have some sort of list of images/ plates to check for reference, or is it all in your head?

    My plate collection is growing slowly (helped along by your wondrous creations!), and I'd love to know how to best keep track of images.


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