Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Darker Halloween Mani

It seems like I've been wearing a lot of orange, yellow, red; those typical fall and Halloween colours.  I was feeling a little bit on the dark side when I sat down to do a Halloween mani not a couple nights ago...or anything not yellow, red and orange...this is what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Misa Working Hard or Hardly Working.  No pix as it just wasn't good application or clean up.  Then did a gradient using same Misa polish and Barry M Grey and Funky Fingers Dark Knight.

Topped with Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC before stamping.

Added assortment of images using assortment of plates; Bundle Monster BM-H07 (thumb), MoYou Gothic Collection-12 (index and middle) Chez Halloween 005 (ring) and Chez Halloween 002 (pinky).  The black stamping polish used was Funky Fingers Dark Knight, the light grey on index and top of middle was MdU 33 and the middle skulls, which are a little darker, are a custom colour I did on the plate using a mixture of Mdu 33 and FF Dark Knight.  

MoYou Gothic Collection-12

Added a couple roses from Delaney Roses 001 using Essence Do You Speak Love? using clear jelly stamper for placement.

Delaney Roses 001

As happy as I was with how the gradient turned out.....cause, so cool!....I was disappointed that the black gradient was so dark and went so low on the nail as I had preplanned using the headstones at the tips and wanted to have a crow over it abnd I guess I got carried away!   Still wanted wanted to place something there to fill the void; I ended up stamping it in using Barry M Grey (and clear jelly stamper) which I thought turned out kinda cool and spooky shadow looking so in the end, didn't mind it it at all.  I think it might be my favorite finger, followed closely by the thumb.  I didn't like how the scroll on the middle finger had a void at the top so hand filled in some swirls using paint brush. The crow is from MoYou Gothic Collection-07.

Top coated using Girly Bits What a Rush QD TC to finish.

Thought a matte coat might be more sinister looking so top coated it with OPI matte.  (Looks like a need a new bottle of it; I can see white flakies in it, bummer.)

I thought it was absolutely hilarious that when I applied the matte, I missed the very top edge of the nails at the cuticle on absolutely every finger...but kinda gave it a frame effect lol.  I did add a second coat, trying to get better to the edge.  

I really liked how this turned out; something a little darker for Halloween!

Thanks for looking!


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