Thursday, October 15, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Autumn; Day 4

It's Day 4 of Digit-al Dozen autumn week; today's mani features apple picking and the apple bounty as fall is harvest time in our area for apples.  In fact, I'm going to an orchird this weekend to get some (the ones already bagged; no hand picking for me!)  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of assortment of polishes; starting at thumb, they are China Glaze Bahamian Escape, then alternating OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and My Vampire is Buff.  Two coats, no top coat.

Did gradient on the thumb using CND Anchor Blue and top coated rest of the fingers.  (Please excuse all the fibres!)

I had made a stamper decal using an image from BundleMonster BM-H11 and acrylic paints.

Applied stamper decal to the index finger.  Then stamped images from Nailways Vive la Vie - Eat An Apple (middle), Messy Mansion MM23 (apples on ring), SdP 72 (part of cup from an image on ring to represent baskets), Dash 18 (pinky), Emily de Molly EDM 07 (tree on thumb) and MoYou Princess Collection 11 (kids on thumb).  Stamping polishes used were FUN red, and MdU #7 and #22.

Added apples to the ring and thumb using same FUN stamping polish and sun from EdM07 using MdU 11.

Nailsways Vive la Vie - Eat an Apple

Dash 18


Added a few birds using Funky Fingers Dark Knight from MoYou Explorer Collection-10.

This is how it ended up!  

Top coated with Girly Bits What a Rush QD TC.  I noticed streaks through the images on several fingers; and unfortunately, this isn't the the first time I noticed it either.  Originally I thought it was from the scraper but I checked the pix I had taken and the streaks weren't in the stamped images before top coating.  I surmised even though I gooped on a good amount of TC that the brush bristles or something in the brush was causing this streaking as never had before.  

So I touched up the images (except the basket on the ring finger which I didn't see) and exchanged the brush with another part bottle I had and reapplied the TC and all seems well in top coat world again!

I should also point out that I had bought the clear stamper with the void at the bottom of the stamper so you can see exactly where the image is being stamped for placement purposes.  It is such a game changer in terms of stamping (for me anyway!).  I have read concerns about the stamper not picking up well or with it being fragile on FB (in fact, it comes with a note about it being fragile) but I've had no issues as of yet.  I didn't need to prime it at all, have used it on several mani's now with no problems on a variety of plates and even had to scrape off excess images off it with my fingernail with no ill effect to the stamper.  I myself didn't find it that fragile.  My only issue is I wish it was a little more crystal clear when you are looking through as its like looking down a scope and the image is a little distorted and it doesn't seem that the polish picked up too well but still workable and as you can see, the polish picks up fine.  I bought my clear jelly stamper here. Edit Oct 19 2015:  I was having some problems picking up some images with the stamper even though I had used it with no issues before.  I thought maybe it was a little finicky in that it will work with some plates but not others, but after some trial and error, discovered that it works best if you roll it to pick up the image, with a good amount of pressure.  Once I did this, no issues at all even on the plates I couldn't pick up before.  I still place and stamp down the image onto my nail for placement.  

Here's the other ladies Day 4 mani's!

Thanks for looking!


  1. One of my favourites, because apple pie! :) Yummm!

  2. Love these autumn motives! You are a real nail master! I know only one such professional manicure specialist (I met her during my vacation in Ibiza).

  3. These are so cute! OMG I love everything about this mani!! Apple pie is the best!


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