Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Fall Nails!

I know I shared a few fall mani's already; I did these nails over a week ago and had planned on sharing them as part of Digit-al Dozen autumn week but decided to share ones I liked better instead.  

Started with a base of one coat of Lilypad Lacquer The Pumpkin King.

Did a gradient using Lilypad Lacquer Skulloween.

There was a whole lot of sparkle and sheen happening with this mani; while I had originally wanted to add multicoloured leaves, I thought the base had enough action without a magnitude of stamping colours fighting for attention.  So went very simple using FUN red stamping polish using and image from MJ X.

Top coated to finish using GirlyBits What a Rush QD TC.

While the mani was OK, there was just a little too much sheen or somethingsomething that wasn't sitting right with me.  So topped with OPI matte, which toned it down a bit more to my liking.

 (Remember my post here where I had streaks through the stamped images from the top coat application; it did it this mani too being really noticeable on the index and pinky.  I've since figured out the cause which was an easy fix so hopefully there won't be any more scratchy images lol).

This isn't my most favourite mani ever but not my worst by any means.  Fall appropriate in colours anyway so might be inspiration for someone plus I always share the good with the bad!

Hope you're having a great weekend; thanks for looking!


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