Friday, February 15, 2019

Digit-al Dozen Does Texture; Day 5

For the final day of Digit-al Dozen texture challenge, I went with something not very typical for me as I don't use nail vinyls very often.  I may have used them 3-4 times and with varying degrees of success.  While these aren't perfect either, I do like how they turn out and they got me to thinking I should use nail vinyls more often!  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats each of Pahlish Rusalka, Rusalka with accent of FingerPaints Midas Touch, no top coat.  This is another instance when one good coat of the texture polish would have made the texture more visible as the second coat seems to lose some of the textured look.  But I do love how Midas Touch was a pretty good match to the gold flakies in the Pahlish!  After I did these base coats, I watched TV for an hour or so to give all fingers a good amount of time to dry as I knew I was applying nail vinyls.  The last time I using nail vinyls, the base coat of the polish came off with the vinyl as they hadn't dried enough and I didn't want to run into that issue again!

Topped the non texture nails with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Applied nail vinyls to middle and thumb and then applied the opposite polish on the nail.  I was having a brain freeze moment here as they both pretty much ended up looking the same even though they both had different bases but if I had any tip here, it would be to apply the texture on top of the non texture polish as it applied and worked better with the vinyls.  The thumb has much crisper edges.  Next time, I would also go a little lighter handed on applying the texture polish.

I had painted a nail stud with the Pahlish Rusalka, Rusalka to make the mani all matchy-matchy; applied it to ring finger.

Applied a final coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to the nail stud and maybe to the nails that didn't have texture polish on them (can't remember) to finish.  After I took any final nail pictures, I did apply top coat to the ring finger to make sure the nail stud stayed on as I usually wear all my mani's at least for a day or so as I rarely just swatch or do nail art and remove; in fact, I wore this mani for 4 days as I was waiting for the owwie on my ring finger to heal a bit more (which is why there are the odd finger poses in the post).  And that nail stud stayed on, no issues!

Here's the other ladies day 5 textured mani's!

Hopefully you've enjoyed all these textured nails this past week! As much as I love texture, I think it will be a little while before I reach for a textured polish again as I think I'm textured out, as least for the near future!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I have very bad luck with vinyls since my nails are quite curved so have started making decals with them on my stamping mat. Easy peasy, especially since I can generally use each vinyl bit more than once by blotting off extra polish with a cosmetic sponge!


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