Friday, July 16, 2010

Alice & Oliva (for MAC) Morning After

Love, love, love this colour! Alice & Olivia (for MAC) Morning After, a blue/green/teal cream polish. While one coat gave pretty good results (probably a thick one coater but I know you should do thin coats instead!) this is two coats, topped with SV.

The pre-stamping photo was taken very late at night (OK-early morning) under artifical lamp lighting so a little darker than actual. Plus as everyone knows, blues don't capture well (at least my camera) so you don't really see the teal of this polish.

Stamped with white Konad special polish, fauxnad IP T39, then once dry, coated with one coat of SV again. I'm sure everyone knows that SV dry fast topcoat should be applied when polish is wet to avoid shrinkage; however, when using as topcoat over stamping, wait about 5-7-10 mins for stamped polish to dry or it will smear). I find SV smears less than Konads special topcoat too so it it my topcoat of choice all around (I have bought Poshe which also seems to get a lot of loving on the blogs and boards but it is untried).

I also got the other two polishes from this limited edition MAC collection, So Rich So Pretty and Military, but thats another day. Too many polishes, not enough time!

Thanks for looking.


  1. That is SO pretty. I love your nails and your blog. I hope others find you. Let others know about it. :)

  2. New follower, Love your blog you are really good at konading :)

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments.

    Thanks Susie again for everything! You were my very first follower and, while I didn't see the post before it was removed you know where, as I seem to have followers I never had before, I'm sure it was your shout out that caused it so thank you again!

  4. Your blog IS worth seeing. I hope others find it.


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